You Can Now Exchange Your Old Phone For A Brand New One of Your Choice

Where are the tech lovers? I mean those people who always change smartphones like Tshirt… How will you feel if you are told you can exchange your Infinix hot note or Samsung Galaxy S3 for iPhone  or iPad. How will your Joy be if you are told you can exchange your infected, defected, buffeted and abandon Nokia phones for a brand new Nokia Lumia? I guess you’ll feel so exceptionally good.

NCC Stop MTN New Tarrif Plan True Talk+

So NCC is finally waking up or what? The new package MTN newly introduced TrueTalk+ that directly compete with the cheapest plan of Etisalat at 11kobo to all network with N5 daily access charge as posted here has been stoped by NCC.

ABC Guide of Porting Any Rom to Your Device in Just 5min

This tutorial is for those who want to know how to port any ROM to their device. Instead of waiting for somebody to port and for you to use, you can easily do the porting yourself in less than 5min. I’ll give you the ABC of porting any ROM to your device. Just follow carefully.

This is for all MT65xx chipsets including:

MTN, Airtel & Etisalat Shutting Down Operation Soon Due to Scarcity of Diesel

Scarcity of petroleum in many part of the country is seriously affecting  so many businesses and I’m afraid, most banks and some others has already issued a statement that they will be closing up so early. GTB and Sterling has already issued a statement. 

Not just that but MTN, the highest subscriber base is also affected;  Airtel issued a statement over the weekend on their twitter account and facebook account that they might be forced to shut down operations if scarcity still looms.

Yet Another Freebies From MTN - Unlimited Night Browsing

Do people still make free night calls? Then those night crawlers will love this perhaps the student among us will value this one so much.

Mtn just introduce another unique freebies for all night crawlers. And according to their message, it is unlimited. Yes you heard it right, It is unlimited freebies; meaning you can download any how you want without objection.

Infographics: InnJoo Fire Detailed Specification

Jumia mobile week is just a week away and I think you should feed your eyes with this before the mobile week begins so that you can decide on-time which device to go for.

I had earlier written some spec about the InnJoo fire but look at this infographics and give it a price tag yourself.

Promo - Cheap Data Plans Promo

‎Enter to buy cheap MTN & Etisalat data plan @ 1GB - #1000

At, we bring to you cheap and affordable internet data plans for any internet enabled devices. You can now Purchase MTN and Etisalat Data Bundles at a cheap and affordable price now.

Note that this is not a cheat, we simply buy data in bulk and resell at a cheap price, so there is no need to be afraid. We are real and genuine. For now we are dishing out a promo to our new and existing customers..

So Airtel Android 1+1 Data Plan is Just a Trick?

So Airtel Android plan  is a trick? I don’t know if you have witness or experience that too but I think its not fair enough. Have heard one on one interaction with a Kenyan resident where Airtel provide 18GB for just N2,865 (When converted to Nigeria naira), and we are here being ripped off by confusing text/data messages from Airtel.

You Can Now Order For Kia Motors on Konga & Pay on Delivery

You don’t need to look too far before you actually get what you want online; ranging from ordering for fried chicken, pepper soup and poundo  yam right online. With this, you should have an insight into what the future of Technology holds.

What to Expect From Jumia Mobile Week - Massive Discounts

Are you planning to buy a new SmartPhone? Wait a second… then read further. Some of you might have been wondering what Jumia Megation is all about. It is called Jumia Mobile Week; and that week, lots of things will be happening.

There is going to be an exclusive new products launches. Your much awaited lovable device will be launch that day, ranging from InnJoo Gold and the likes. Not just that but there is going to be massive discount across all smartphones of your choice.

See This Cheapest Android Phone That Comes With Lollipop - Blu Studio C ($99)

I am so tempted to run a review on this stylish unique small but empirical device… I’m glad I fell for this temptation. I just want to make a little comparism before you all start to critize this device.

It is one of the cheapest so far I’ve seen in international market, and it comes with Lollipop OS with long lasting battery life; not just that but the price will amaze you.

LolliFox Rom For Tecno M5, H5, F5 & All MT6575 Devices

This ROM  is light, cool and nice… It was officially ported to Lenovo A316i, MicroMax A177 and it works just fine on Tecno M5, H5, F5 and all MT6575 devices.

Note: For all  using MicroMax, Karbonn, ZTE, Huawei, Dogee, Samsung clones, iPhone clones and all MTK devices, seek guide and how to port this ROM to your devices.

The Future of Mobile - YotaPhone2: First dual Screen SmartPhone

I don’t think I’ve seen this device before or something similar to this but its features makes it outstanding. This device is fully customizable always-on screen. Hands-free messaging and notifications. E-reading for up to 100 hours on a single charge. Full Android functionality on both screens. The smart-phone future is here!

Yet Another Device - InnJoo Fire Comes May 21

So this is the second device InnJoo plan launching come May 21, 2015. It is called InnJoo Fire. Let me just briefly give you a run down of the spec so that you will know what to expect.

My Name is Orbi - Social Media Voice Note

Orbi is a social networking service that enables users share and receive voice notes. It’s like Twitter, but for voicenotes only. Orbi allows you record, listen and share voice notes known as “orbs”. Each voice note is limited to 9 seconds.

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