Download Telegram Messenger For Java/Symbian & Blackberry Phones Here

Thank God it’s weekend and I’m not really going to write much today… but as many people that are agitating to have a blog of their own but don’t know how to go about it, you can holla at me let me help you out but will charge you a token. You never can tell what will announce you to your world, until you start blogging.

Get Free 700MB Daily From Mtn

Now you will appreciate the value of having multiple Mtn Sim cards. No long stories, just dash straight to the point. Follow the below steps to get free 700MB  from your MTN sim.

Pre - Order Tecno Phantom Z From Tecno Mobile

I don’t like making noise when it comes to reviewing new device but when it comes to using them, I’m sure you’ll meet me in the front line. Well, the much awaited Phantom Z is finally here, and for the very first time in Nigeria, Tecno mobile is running a pre-order System for the much anticipated Tecno Phantom Z.

Airtel Finally Introduced Android Data Plans (AIS)

Without much doubt, the prayer we once prayed sometimes ago is beginning to come to reality. Few months ago, we seriously anticipate the arrival of AIS (Android Internet Service) from various network but today, Airtel seems to be topping the chart for AIS.

Telegram Messenger - Best Alternative To Whatsapp

If you are still on 2go then I’ll have more reason to conclude that you are still living in the primitive era of ideology because it’s no longer in vogue  as there are more professional messaging apps available for all. Whatsapp without much doubt has actually ripped 2go off its glory without any apology.

Best Cheap MTN Data Plan Ever

I know I still have some doubting Thomas in the house and believe you me, I don’t post what I haven’t verified working. Airtel data no longer zap as usual; it’s been adjusted #1,500 for 4GB. I used mine for 7weeks. The other day, I made a post on cheap Data Plans for Mtn and Etisalat

How To Change Imei via Engineering Mode.apk

Hello guys, sorry if I left most of your questions unanswered, it’s because I’ve been away and I really missed you guys. Imei is still working perfectly but with Samsung… No! Except for cloned Samsung device. Okay for Gionee and some other device that seems to be so stubborn to change, I found a solution for you.

Be Wise - You Can Nolonger Top Up Your Glo BIS Gig, Might Soon Be Blocked

I can't really guarantee you that Glo bb subscription will last till the end of  this month, that was why I said if you have every possible opportunity to top up your Glo Gb, do it. Unfortunately, while I was trying to cross check some code on my Glo line, I discovered that you can no longer top it up

MobileBlaze: Bringing Cheap Etisalat Data Plans Closer to You

I think if third party agents can put their head together and bring out something like this, then Internet surfing will be somehow easier for everyone. Of recent, I make a post on how you can surf with Mtn Cheap Data Plans provided by a third party agent and of a truth, it’s extremely cheaper compared to the normal Mtn 1GB for #3,500 that charge you mercilessly just like when Germany ripped Brazil off it’s glory.

Solution to Glo BIS Subscription Error Message

This post is for those who have succeeded in tweaking their imei or to existing bb or bb10 users. You must have noticed of late that to activate Glo BB subscription on your device is somehow difficult and it’s not in any way closer to activating at all. And now Android users are not smiling at all perhaps it was them who all most ruin Glo bb easy subscription.

Will You Rock This Infinix Zero? Coming Soon

I can tell you that this specie of Infinix is like no other as it takes you from Zero to Hero. Just saw this on Infinix site and it looks so amazing as it gives you amazing functionality. Infinix Zero is coming with a KitKat 4.4.2 right from the box. You don't need to update or do anything like other Android devices. What you need to do is just to fire on.

Drop Your Any Device & Blog related Problems Here

The week has been so busy for me and I'm glad the weekend is finally here. Today, if you have any problem relating to rooting, or maybe your Android device is not working well, BlackBerry or PC problems or perhaps you want to buy a cheap device but don't know which to go for, feel free to drop the problems below and a solution will be provided.

I'll personally attend to everyone today even if it has to do with the issue of your blog. I'm glad 5 among my blog readers got adsense approval this week after a simple privilege instruction from me on their blog. Don't be left out. Just use the comment box to drop that bugging issue and I bet a solution will be provided.

MTKDroid Method of Changing your IMEI - Works For All Mtk Device

Morning guys, this tutorial goes to those who find it difficult to change their imei despite the fact that their device is an MTK device. I don't know why other 3 methods didn't work out for you but I'm pretty sure this will work out well.

VPNSolid Rocking With Airtel

I don’t need to type much on this but for the benefit of those who are wanting to browse free on PC but are unable, this post should be able to atleast help you out. Though I’ve written about this before I just felt I should shared more light on it.

VPNSolid is new and at the moment, it’s currently surfing for free with Airtel. Free users are only allowed 2hours daily. Once you are satisfied with your browsing experience as a free user, you can then wish to upgrade or leave it.

Mind you, only the torrentz server  on UDP 53 works perfectly. You can check it out yourself

Where Can I Download it?
==>Visit their site here and download it
==>Install it on your PC and Register for you own account
==>Wait for you to be confirmed

Wapdam - Your All Time Place For Music, Videos and Games Download

This post is specifically for music lovers. There is something I discover about music, it has a way of sending serenity to your soul. In order words, it can reconfigure you mind for better ideas on what next to do. I play music mostly when I’m faced with a challenging task and I bet you’ll love what I’m about to share with you.
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