How To Change iPhone IMEI Using ZiPhone Tool

A sincere apology to all my iPhone/iPad  users for concentrating more on Android and Blackberry device for some time now. Changing IMEI is no longer breaking news as it allows you to tweak your IMEI to Blackberry IMEI. However, this tutorial will put your through and how you can easily tweak your IMEI With ZiPhoneTool.

Having Problem With Glo Bis On Your Android? Try This...

It's obvious from 3:30am this morning till now, Glo network has been so bad to the point of data not even coming up on some Android device. Most peeps are even confused maybe Glo BIS have stopped working  on Android and other device but it’s not true.

Glo blackberry services has been bad in some locations which to me its not ideal; this is just a mere network

What I Discovered About MTN Data Plan

It’s weekend again and I’ll love to share with you what I discovered with  MTN data plan. I don’t know how they charge but something seems to be fishy somehow and somewhere.

Collections of Tecno Android Stock ROM/Backup For Download

I know all most all Android users need this,  but before I begin I’ll always advice you make a backup of your  current ROM should in case it get bricked; besides, you have nothing to lose but everything to lose if it get bricked without you having the Stock Rom back up.

This tutorial will show you how to backup and restore your Android device before installing custom ROMs, or applying unofficial updates. And the perfect way to do it is by using the ClockWorkMod Recovery

How To Root Any Android Device/Infinix Zero In Less Than 5MIN Using RootGenius

Being a cheerleader of your device gives you endless super  ability to tweak, twist, and transform your device the way you want it so long you have super user  priviledge. I’ll quickly present you with an alltime how to root any Android device using this simple app.

Fix This & Change Any Android IMEI

I still believe there are still some people who are still finding it difficult to change their IMEI on Android in order to use Glo BIS and I thought if I can share what my good friend Onyx shared with me on BBM again here.

I know of some phone which are MediaTek but still remain adamant in IMEI changing most especially those one running Kitkat Os like the latest Infinix zero or Innjoo mobile which is not supposed to be so. Though I have posted this thing before here but didn’t make emphasis on what I’m about to show you.
Maybe your device may have been repaired and now you are getting problems related to network error this method will help you fix it.

16GB Internal Memory 2GB Ram Infinix Zero - Will You Order For It?

Wow… This is not getting any funnier at all because some brand of mobile device is about to bench Tecno mobile. Just few weeks ago, Infinixmobility released the badest kind of device coming by default with 4.4.2 Kit version, gorilla screen etc with the cheapest price ever. 

MTN Cheapest Data Plans Ever - Tested & Trusted

Airtel has finally stopped 4gb Bis plans. I don’t know why they are fluctuating like zmap and I really hope they’ll rethink and bring back this plan before we sanitize their database; cos it has really helped a lot of people here.
I just can’t imagine what iPhone/iPad users will feel right now because it’s no longer funny as data climbing up like angry PHCN dude. Android users have no reason to complain about data since Glo Bis is still smiling

It's Cheap, Affordable & Comes With Free 500MB

Don’t wait to be told; don’t wait to be gisted, act while you still have the cash. Though I’ve posted this before and I’m still reechoing it again… Infinix zero is the bomb. I love the feel, the look and not only that

Etisalat Still Rocking With YourFreedom

I don’t want to talk about this but for the benefit of those who are making demand for it, Etisalat still works with YourFreedom VPN with the same old settings. 

MTN Android S620 & S720i Smart Phone Now Available On Jumia

Those who have been looking for a way of getting this MTNAndroid Smart Phone but has not been able to get it, probably because of high demand from MTN office or it always run out of stock; the good news is, you can now get it directly from Jumia with #1 lesser.

Download For Free Temple Run Oz - Your Must Thrilling Running Experience

Good morning to all game lovers. I’m pretty sure the main reason why must of us purchased our device is not only for swag but because of the extremely unique game embedded in Play store. I know of someone who spend 6hrs playing games without feeling tired; well that’s one of the things your Android is meant to do

Must Read: What You Don't Know About Your Android Device

This is not new but for the benefit of those of us that are new to Android Phones or tablets, I’ll show you important information about your Android device. The question is, do you always have problem with your Android device? Is the touchscreen of your device less sensitive? Do you want to format/reset your

Best Data Plan To Go For In September For All Device

Thank God it’s September and I can gallantly smell good report for everyone with my two wide nose. Don’t give up on your dreams and aspiration yet… It’s too early to put an end where you need to put a bend. When people say they can't see any good in you, hug them and smile because life can be very difficult for the blind...

Airtel Planning to Stop Airtel 2in1 Blackberry Plan That Gives You 4GB For 1,500

Those who are still rocking Airtel Bis on iPad, Android, Windows , Blackberry phones and PC, from the look of things, it seems Airtel is about to stop the 2in1 package that gives 4GB for 1,500. According to the text they sent that “2days left for the 2in1 package to expire, it can still be yours.. bla bla bla”.
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