#4 Best TV Apps For Your iPhone And Android Device

I know some of you are new to this particular topic I’m about to talk about but all the same, though it’ an old tutorial men’t for newbies in the android industry. Maybe you’ve been wanting to watch tv on the go on your mobile device but you don’t know how to go about it, then this tutorial is going to show you how you can go about it. 

Is Your Android Giving You Problem? Fix It Here

These days, Android phone despite the fact that it’s has gained more market than blackberry, can easily be bricked or developed a major problem. The other day, a colleague of mine in the process of installing a pregnancy test app on her android device got it stocked and paused for over some hours. A hard reset was done and the phone got back to normal.

Infinix Zero Android 4.4 Kitkat Now Available For Pre-Ordering At Affordable Price

And I think this Infinix Zero beat hands down Nokia XL considering the price also and I’m getting to love it (though I’m not device freak). One thing I forgot to mention with regards to the New Mtn Android is for the fact that it can’t allow you to use any other sim on sim one (1) except an MTN sim; and it’s only Sim one (1) that has 3.5G while sim two (2) has only Edge and you can use any network sim on it. In other words, it’s useless without MTN sim on sim one… So if you are not an MTN lover, you won't enjoy the new Mtn

Surf Free On Android/PC With SlowDNS Using MTN

This is another easy fast and unique tweak for MTN users, I’m not the author of this post but all kudos goes to whoever discovered this free tweak just for peeps to enjoy. No long story, if you still remember that you have an android phone and Mtn Sim, do the following below;

Gidimo - How to Get Free #1,000 Airtime Every Week

This is one of the mobile application I’ll encourage everyone to get on their device because it’s highly educative and enriching. Gidimo is a mobile learning platform aimed at bringing education to all in Africa. It is a young startup in partnership with Diamond Bank. 

Samsung Users, You Can Now Change Your IMEI Here

This post is for all those device that proves so stubborn to tweak and I can really tell how bad it is to be unable to  change your imei most especially for Samsung users for over 3months now because virtually almost all the method seems not to work for Samsung users because their device is not an MTK device; therefore, hindering them from using other network bis plan on their device.

How You Can Start Ordering For Android Tablets For As Low As #6,500

Empowerment in the word of the wise simply means enablement… In as much as I like sharing tweaks and cheaper internet surfing, I also love to enhance your financial capability so that you won’t just be available for count in your country, but can be counted upon; so that you won’t just be a human resource file in your office, you won’t just be a matric number in your school but a value added personality.

Make Free Call With Your Glo Line to Any Network

This seems to be coming late because I've been somehow pre-occupy over the weekend while leaving some of your questions unanswered but you can rock with this and it's been rocking since yesterday. Lets hope it last a little before it will be blocked.

Drop Any Device Problem Here Let's Solve it Together

I know you all have a lot of questions for me because I just dive into your hearts and I can see and feel a lot of unanswered questions concerning your device. Today is a good day and lets help solve those questions together.  It will be so unfortunate in your part if you claim you have a device but your device seems to be

Airtel Introduced New Data Plan Called "WTF", Will You Rock it?

This sound so yeyecious (if there is any word like that)… Airtel one of the telecom providers in Nigeria and other African countries just introduced another plan and without much doubt, you’ll remember that they newly introduced Android data plans some months ago and I can’t really tell if the subscribers for that

How To Create Your Blog/Business Blackberry App in Minutes

I recently talked about how to get your Android Apps for your blog/business listed on Play store, and I’m pretty sure those who have succeeded in creating there blog/business app are enjoying it listed. Today, I’ll be sharing with you how you can easily create you blog app for blackberry and get it listed on  Blackberry App World in easy steps; just follow me carefully and I bet you’ll thank me later.

Glo Introduced New Package Plus Releasing Android Data Plans Soon

Glo, one of the telecom giant in Africa has just introduced another plans  with lesser charges and to ease calling rate for all their customers. The package is a kind of unique and extremely cheap with long minutes of calls. With this, you’ll be able to project the value of your Money.

What You Don't Know About MTN Android Phone S620 & S720i - The Cheapest Android Device Ever

Early hours of this morning, I decided to even experiment with the new Sm@rt Android device Mtn released some couples of days ago, and to my amazement, it was no longer in stock again but I was able to purchase one for myself. I can boldly tell you that this is the cheapest good Android phone ever. 

Download Jumia App and Win A Window Phone

Jumia is one of the fastest growing E-commerce site in Africa and actually, they've kept through to their words in terms of delivery. With the arrival of their app on your device, it makes it easier for you shop online, sample products online and get it delivered to your door step with ease.

Nanu - Free Call Unlimited to All Network

This application was lauched exactly one week ago, it allow you to make free calls anytime, everyday. It’s called Nanu. nanu is a clever little app that allows you to make free calls on your mobile phone. It doesn't need a fast network, so unlike skype or viber, it works on 2g and congested networks. In other words, it works anywhere your phone does. Plus nanu sounds crisper and clearer
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