Konga 3rd Year Anniversary - Don't Miss Out!

Wow! It amazing how time fly, Konga will be celebrating 3rd year anniversary this month of July beginning from today, and bumper amazing deals await you. If you have any electronics, smartphone, laptops or home theatre to buy I think the best time is now.

Oukitel K10000 - Monster Device With 10,000mAh Battery Capacity

Oukitel might not be a brand you're familiar with, but they're coming in with a bang, tang and a monster device. You will all bear me witness that battery capacity is always a hot topic when choosing a smartphone, and while some manufacturer are still celebrating 4,000, 5,000, 6,000 mAh batteries, Oukitel is taking that to a whole new level.

Must Read: What do You do Majorly With Your Smartphone?

Some people use phones for different purposes, some just to take selfie, some just to hype while some others are only involved on all the social platform, chatting, pinging and all that.

Regardless of the category you fall, there is section ment’ for you and I bet you’ll love it.

==>Selfie Category: For those who love to take selfie, there is a cool apps out their good that allow you take selfie without you touching your phone. It’s called Snapi.

Don't Miss This - Best Data Plan For All Smartphones & PC' in July 2015

While surfing the net, it is paramount to safe cost and stop dashing all this mobile mobile network your hard earn money. I know there are some people who still spend close to 2k weekly on data subscription, just because of ignorance. 

Airtel UnLimiNET - Keeps You Online Even When You Run Out of Data

The age of no “MB” has gone; the era of who will transfer MB to me has gone… welcome to the era of unlimited internet. In other words, even if you run out of data, you’ll still be connected to the internet. I know some of you are wondering how?

Who is Using This Strange Android Smartphone Called Obi?

I was just minding my own business oooo, when I saw another strange  Android phone called Obi, and I was wondering how come I didn’t take cognizance of obi android phones all this while. Now I’m waiting for Emeka and Chinenye Android Phone.

Best Fonts to Install on Your Android

Unique fonts on Android really makes your chat, messages looks sweet like candy crush… It has a way of customizing your text design which is actually cool; unlike the normal default font looking so dull and totally unromantic.

What You Should Know About The Latest BBM Updates on All Device

Even though some people are still skeptical about updating their BBM to the latest version due to some reason best know them…

Here are what you should know about the latest BBM update on Blackberry, Android & iOS.

How to Install CWM Recovery on Infinix Hot Note Pro in Less Than 5min Without PC

This is my 2 cent advice, please don’t brick your smartphone, don’t install applications you don’t need on your device. Don’t even install an update if you are not sure what kind of update it is. Android OS is very very fragile (permit me to use that word).

Behold Elephone Vowney 4GB Ram/ 32GB Rom

Don’t just buy a smartphone, buy a good smartphone you can be proud of, that can give you everything you need in just one click. Two things are involve, it is either you are using a phone or a smartphone, if your phone is not smart enough, then it is a dull phone.

While I’m patiently waiting for the first of its kind Elephone P9000 to run on deca-core processor, this one you are about to see below will unscrew your techy minds.

Get The Latest Version OF BBM With Full Material Design & Private Chat

BBM is finally looking like an android app with their latest updates… if there is anything I love about it now, is the cool material design, it makes it looks more mature than the former. With this, those of you who are still using OGBBM might want to do away with it.

Is Your Android Giving You Problem? Fix It Here

These days, Android phone despite the fact that it’s has gained more market than blackberry, can easily be bricked or developed a major problem. The other day, a colleague of mine in the process of installing a pregnancy test app on her android device got it stocked and paused for over some hours. A hard reset was done and the phone got back to normal.

Zapya - Fastest Way to Transfer Any Files From Android to iOS & PC

TGIF! Where are all the iOS users? This post is for you. It’s no longer news that you can’t transfer files from ios Bluetooth to Android Bluetooth which makes it more annoying and frustrating. What if you have important documents, music, videos etc to transfer to your iOS device? Those who are new to iOS will just hate it completely.

Before You Buy Your Next Android Phone, Read These Guide

The fact remain, and will always be… there are  low ends smartphones and high ends smartphones, it all boils down to what you want. Even a blind man knows that Android is gradually  taking over the mobile operating system even ordinary mighty Blackberry has now consented to it.

So many people want to get new smartphones most especially Android devices and they don’t know which one to buy as there are so many evolving monster Android smartphones daily. Let me help paint a guide before you get your next Android phone.

MTN Surfing Free With N0.00

MTN and Opera seems to be best of friends this season…  With your MTN sim on point, and opera mini browser, you can browse for free with N0.00. You don’t need to tweak anything at all, though some people has been enjoying it and I know things like this will not last.
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