Best Cheapest Data Plan For All SmartPhones/PC in February

If you are not using glo overload then you are in for a long thing. It’s either you as a glo fan is on the overload plan or your are on the underload plan. This awoof actually ‘no dey run belle’.

What actually make a smart phone usable is not the ability to use it in making calls alone but also in surfing the net. Everybody want a cheaper data plan and that’s what I’m going to present to you this very hour.

Must Read - How to Make Recovery Image/ Stock Boot Image on All Android Device

Whether you like it or not, your Android device will be tired of life and might possible brick or somehow decide to misbehave. I have seen a 2 days old Android device that seizes to work… only stock at the boot logo. In order word, your android device will go a-wire someday. But before it develops any problem you can decide to use “stick and carrot approach” to solve the problem by creating a CWM Recovery image for your device by yourself.

How To Use Your Android Phone As A Security Camera

Hmmm, what I’m about to share with you today is not what everyone will need or value, but highly security conscious  minded people will value this tutorial. I’m sure 90% of those reading this post have been to the bank and if you are conscious enough, you will notice there are security camera’s everywhere monitored by the man seating in the control room. In order words, he see’s all the activities in the bank.

JUMIA - Vote 4 Love & N5,000 Shopping Voucher

Love is at the corner, election is also at the corner; same date, and nothing to fear. In a bit to make this Valentine worthwhile, Jumia has organized a contest “Vote4Love”, and with this you can win N5,000 voucher.

How To Increase Pageview/Traffic on Your Blog in 2weeks

This post is specifically ment’ for newbies in blogging who doesn’t even know how to drive traffic to their blog. Even if your blog is adsense approved, and you lack traffic, you won’t earn a dime. Traffic is the live wire of every blog.

Low page views doesn’t mean that your content is poor, but  it means your readers are not interested in other contents on your blog, or they can’t easily navigate through your blog contents. Maybe your blog is not maintaining the KISS Principle.

Get 200MB From Airtel For 12Months

I know this is not new at all… I just decided to bring it up for those who are currently clamping for MB’. You can actually tweak your imeito get 200MB from Airtel NG. Its like the normal way and normal method of tweaking your imei for that of Etisalat NG but it seems guys have consumed the whole of Etisalat IMEI. So watch out for those of you who are just getting new phones from Jumia or the brother Konga, if they

Facebook Launches 'Facebook lite' Android App For Low Level Android Phones

Facebook's officials just launched its app which is a lot better than it used to be. This Facebook lite app is made for those using a lower level Android device in an area where network connection is worst... Android users with older or cheaper phones, and users in areas where it's hard to find a reliable data connection will find this app meaningful.

You Can Now Download BlackBerry IMEI Generator on Your Android Phone

I think this is a great innovation... those of you that has always wanted to generate BlackBerry IMEI from phone, the good news is you can now do that with ease. You don't need to wait to have a PC before generating BlackBerry IMEI; you can do that at the

Updated: WhatsappPlus V6.76 Anti Ban Version Now Available

WhatsApp Plus  is not joking at all. I think they really want to proof to official whatsapp that they are the elder brother. They’ve updated their  app very quickly and within the period of weeks the new update is available to users. But this updates is called “anti ban version”. Today, just few hours ago, the update of WhatsApp Plus v6.76 launched and it is available to download and install in your Android device.

Drop Your Blog Url, Device Problem Here Lets Fix it

Weekend is here again, and not just weekend but the last Saturday of Jan, God has been faithful. I feel I should reviewed your blog today, Why are you not approved by Google Adsense? Why are you not using affiliate link on your blog? Why haven’t you make upto $100 on your blog? If you know you have a blog you built by yourself and you are always turn down, or it doesn’t rank at all on search engine,  drop the link let me help you review it. Why are you on entertainment niche when you can build a Mini niche and do

Review - Tecno Phantom Z Mini, Rooting & Changing IMEI

Let’s get this Tecno Phantom Z mini review rolling… This is more sleeker than Phantom Z with 6.6mm ultra-thin body. Light weight with 5.5 super amoled screen and the back is made of glass. I bet you’ll want to take a look at this device.

Sim: It has a dual sim, one micro sim and one normal sim, volume button can be located on the left side, while the sim tray is also on the right side, just like an iPhone. Radio: you can listen and save your favorite radio stations. 

WhatsApp Now Available For PC Without Using Emulator

I’ll call this an improvement, not just an improvement but a better upgrade from whatsapp. According to a recent updates from whatsapp, users can now access whatsapp on PC without the use of any emulator like Bluestack or whatsoever.

BBM Mod - Allow You To Back up Chat, Hide "Read" Status & Change Theme of Your BBM Messenger

I’ll like to dish it the way it is burning… don’t quench the fire because this might be another atomic bomb on your device. I can’t deny the fact that I had and still enjoying the elder brother of Whatsapp called Whatsapp+ couple with the fact that I can customize it the way I want. That is why I’m the boss. Despite the facts that Whatsapp has been banning their elder brother “whatsapp plus”; I know a fix will come out soon.

Update: To All Using Whatsapp Plus, Uninstall Whatsapp Plus Before You'll Be Ban By Whatsapp

To all those using Whatsapp Plus, get ready to uninstall it before Whatsapp get to you. WhatsApp is one of the most-used messaging apps in existence, and today countless users of the service have taken to Google+ and Twitter to report that they’re being banned from the service for 24 hours. The common denominator between those reporting the ban seems to be the use of third-party WhatsApp clients on Android, specifically a popular one called WhatsApp+.

Is Your Android Giving You Problem? Fix It Here

These days, Android phone despite the fact that it’s has gained more market than blackberry, can easily be bricked or developed a major problem. The other day, a colleague of mine in the process of installing a pregnancy test app on her android device got it stocked and paused for over some hours. A hard reset was done and the phone got back to normal.
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