Best Cheapest Data Plan For All SmartPhones/PC in April 2015

If you miss the MTN BBMIDID subscription, then you are in for a very long thing. Like I always said that what fuel is to car is what data is to phone… Whenever you run out of data, you’ve simply run out of fuel and my job is to ensure you have enough fuel in your phone at a minimal cost.

I’ll quickly take you in a short journey on the best data plan for the month of April.

How to Activate WhatsApp Call For All Blackberry & Window Phones

Wow! I’m very sure you all know why I had to exclaimed wow… the week has been stressful for me, couple with election Saga… I know you know the result already... Let me be mute for now!

This particular post is for all blackberry users and Window phone users. Its no longer news that you can make WhatsApp call on Android. I’m pretty much sure that all android devices are now WhatsApp call activated. If you are not activated, then you are in for a long thing.

Solution to Android Internal Storage is Full

Are you having insufficient memory, despite the fact that you still have up to 8GB internal memory on your Android smartphone? One of the most annoying messages that can ever pop up is the issue of not enough memory on your Android device when you can still see some free space… Perhaps you might have deleted most of your applications and it still seems not to fix the memory issue… then I’ll urge you to take a seat and read carefully.

Download Unlimited With MTN BBLited Just N70

Today is the D day and I know you are all set to Vote in your right candidate… Please vote and leave the scene. Avoid violence!

I just taught as much to update us about this because I know we love downloads alots, while waiting, while conducting free and fair election, I know some people will all be at home surfing and waiting for updates from different polls.

How to Download APK files From Googleplay to PC Using Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome

I wanted to download an apk file on googplay using the earlier method I wrote on how to download apk files from playstore, but something went wrong then I realize that has limitation, quickly I searched for a better alternative until I got another simpler method.

This time around, I’ll quickly show you how to download any apk files using your Mozilla firefox browser or Google chrome. This is the most simplest of all within minutes, your apk files will be ready.

ReVoDa - Track The Nigeria' General Election With This App

The election is here, and the heat is everywhere, I can’t be in all state but surely can be able to monitor what goes on in every polling units and the collation of the election result with the help of this app. 

ReVoDa is a mobile phone application that helps citizens observe the upcoming Nigerian elections. ReVoDa turns voters to election observers from Polling Units across Nigeria!The platform also allows the developers send location-specific information to the user anywhere in Nigeria.

Etisalat Dobox is Finally Here - Download Your Favourite, Music, Videos & Lot more

Etisalat dobox is finally here and they are partnering with to give you access to a vast library of music videos, TV shows and short films. What’s more, the videos are downloadable straight onto your phone or tablet; yours to keep and enjoy over and over again.

Popkat V2 Custom Rom For Tecno H6

One thing I love about Custom rom is for the fact that it gives you better user experience, allow you to port roms, battery life enhancement and it gives you a distinctive appealing look. The Kitkat rom closer to Lollipop is back and it really rock on Tecno H6, MyPhone Rio, Gionee P4, Primo GH2.

It is heavily skinned with material design and Lollipopeaster egg. I saw an updates of Tecno H6 on AndroidVillaz and I decided to share it here.  Credits goes to AndroidVillaz

Mtn Bis Still Rocking on PC With XT181

I just read on Channel that NCC, Airtel, MTN, Etisalat and Glo has been ordered by High court in Lagos state to pay  N500Million for interrupting the APC presidential campaign. I smiled in French and said to myself, when will they be sued for invasion of privacy, excessive charges on data and illegal baptismal sms sending? Though I’m still waiting to see when this will end.

UPDATES: WhatsApp Reborn V.1.75 AntiBan Version Available For Download

This is just an updates to all users of Whatsapp Plus or Whatsapp Reborn. This updates is more better than the previous updates. Every updates is an improvement on the previous. Meanwhile, if you are still using normal whatsapp, I think you should still try this, permanent ban is not real, it only exist in the mind.

All Android Users: Before Your Brick Your Device, Do This

Now that almost everyone is passionate about Android device, it will be pertinent  to take these few advice in order to keep your device secured. It baffles me to see a week old Infinix hot  android bricked few days ago  by a discourage, defeated and buffeted fellow.

Don't Miss Out! Konga Fashion Week is Here - Get 70% Discount on Your Dream Smart Phone Here

This week is fashion week on Konga, the largest e-commerce website in Nigeria and a lot of Items are really at a give away price… I don’t want you to miss this opportunity at all. Take a look at the tablets below. Ideally It goes for N40,000 but Konga is really giving it away at N15,000 with Free Etisalat 500MB monthly.

Infinix Hot Note IMEI Rocking Like Thunder - Don't Dull Yourself

Permit me to interrupt your evening with this even as you are about to take your dinner… The long awaited Infinix Hot Note is here and Its blazing so hard. Sincere condolence to those who have already place an order on Jumia…

A fan of this blog Akinwale message me on BBM few days ago with it but I haven’t had time test it and upload it. But this evening Don Phezturnz sent this imei to the group and its been rocking like thunder. Though it seems  the Note is not yet available on Jumia but the IMEI is already available and my friends in the north already bought the Infinix note.

MTN BIS On Android & PC Back & Better

Mtn Bis on android and PC might have been blocked but its still working for some people with a circumcised sim. Though sim selective, I don’t know why but there is something more  better than that. If you are a typical or heavy downloader, and you really want to download heavy files, or you intend to use Mtn blackberry plan on your Android or PC, then you need to read on.

Etisalat Finally Launched Android Data Plan - The Cheapest Data Plan on Etisalat

The competitions are getting stiff every months and I know it will get stiffer as time goes by. Just like Visafone giving 10,000GB for N1,000 on the Blackberry Complete Plan,  that’s my dream for NG telecom data plans. I’m beginning to think, there should be away to make this Visafone sim work on other device (thinking room activated).

Etisalat don’t want to be left out in this data plan issue as they are now directly competing with Airtel Android Plan and MTN Better MeData Plan. Etisalat just newly but codedly launched their Android Plan 2GB for N2,000. This will make Airtel NG seat tight since they have the guts to give Kenya’ 18GB for N2,650… Watch out, in few months from now, another data plan will show face.
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