New Method: How to Root Infinix Zero 2GB 16GB Android

Fortunately enough, root genius only succeeded in rooting Infinix Zero 1GB/8GB Rom and the other Infinix Zero 2GB/16GB Rom has been proving unethically stubborn to root. But a rooting kit has been provided below that will guide you through in easy steps to root you 2GB 16GB Infinix Zero. Just follow it carefully and I bet, at the end you’ll smile.

What is Special About Black Friday? Don't Miss This

I’m  pretty sure you must have been seeing different advert of black Friday most especially from all this  e-commerce website like Kaymu, Jumai and Konga. And I know some of you will be wondering what on earth is special about Black Friday. Is it that the Friday will be black or what?

Black Friday is a unique day in which most businesses records the highest sales and profit ever. Not only that  but goods are extremely cheaper than what eyes can see. I can't imagine myself getting a laptop of 80K for just 39K. One of the best times to get your desired stuff online or anywhere else is on Black Friday.

How to Use MTN BIS on Android & PC Using SS & TroidVPN

This is not new, but it is new to some people because it quite some weeks I updated this MTN Bis thread. So if you are finding it difficult to use Glo bis on your android or you just want to download with your MTN Bis, then you’ll consider this post unique.

MTN rocks flawlessly with Simple Server on PC and Android, It rocks on Troidvpn too. And if you have huge files to download like season movies, OS etc, then you can use MTN Daily BIS as it is unlimited with Simple Server.

... So Airtel Uses Abnormal Calculator to Calculate Data Consumption

I don’t know the kind of automatic calculator Airtel NG uses to calculate their data consumption but I’m very sure its an abnormal calculator. That calculator automatically gives you abnormal result. How can you get 4Gb data on Friday and by Monday morning, its remaining 5MB? There is no mathematical calculation to justify the use. No download, no streaming, just twitter, Facebook, BBM and Instagram… this was the statement my colleague at work said to me the moment I got to work this money.

10 Most Important Apps For Your Android Phone

The weekend has been so hectic for me and please those of your that sent me mail in one way or the other, sorry if I didn’t reply your mail but I’ll sure get back to you. I’ll quickly share with you important applications you must have on your android phone.

==>EverNote: Evernote is a suite of software and services, designed for note taking and archiving. It automatically save your notes in the cloud, meaning you can log out and login from another device and your notes and audio notes will still be intact. Why carry jotter around when you have Evernote at your disposal.

Airtel Launched TryBe Plan - It Offers Free BBM, Whatsapp & Twitter

Mtn is just busy giving their surprises, Etisalat is busy giving double your recharge promo; Glo is busy thinking of employing someone who knows how to stop Glo Bis on Android; but Airtel is busy launching new Plan to suite their subscribers. But I am busy looking for loopholes so that surfing can be easier for all device owners.

Ello' Social Network - Come In For An Invite

I used to remember those days when Facebook newly started, it was so hard for me to even understand the interface… I know about 98% of us had at least 2 minimum Facebook account. The first FB account I open didn’t even understand how to use it so I forgot my password. You are all staring at me as if its only one FB account you have…

Infinix Hot 1GB 16GB Now Available - The Cheapest Device Ever

I just can’t believe my eyes… Infinix Mobility is not taking it easy at all and I’m still wondering if Innjoo can’t stand this heat. I don’t need Mario Balotelli to tell me that Infinix is up to something. I had earlier on made a review on this without being sure of the price; but low and behold, the price is far lesser than what I taught.
Infinix hot with highly exceptional spec, different colors,  an  improvement to Infinix Zero in terms of battery life and in all aspect. Maybe I should just allow you all to take a sleek preview of the spec again.

Mara Messenger - Latest Free Unlimited SMS App to Any Network

Don’t be surprise when you wake tomorrow morning and found out Yomi also has a messenger; but my messenger won’t only be for free sms but for free calls and free data. I’ll call it auto data generator, it will automatically be generating data in GB for your whenever you run out of data on your mobile device (Laughing in Hebrew...).

How to Download APK Files From Google Playstore to PC

Android market by default is one of the best with loads of apps that are paid but can be downloaded free.  Google Play Store, by default, doesn’t allow the download of APKs for free games and apps stored there and it installs the requested app or game on the device directly. But maybe you have been wanting to download apk apps or games on your computer or other devices like BlackBerry10 that supports Android apps directly from Google Playstore or perhaps for offline uses but you don’t know how to, I’m going to

You Need This - Find A Med

If you are making use of an iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry10 and you don’t have this application installed on your device, then you haven’t started. I know we all take our health serious than anything else in our lives and therefore revolve around the popular saying that “health is wealth”.

This is not just an application but a must have application. It is an application that deals more about your health, help you find the closest health and medical centers around you, complete with turn by turn directions. This app is called Find-A-Med.

MTN Introduces New SmartPhone Data Plan - 4.5GB For #2,500

I don’t know if MTN is trying to tell us that they’ve introduce Android data plan but I really don’t want to draw conclusion on this. Some couples of days ago, MTN posted on their twitter page as part of their surprise for the season introducing a Special Smartphone Plan.

Is This A Set Up? Airtel Surfing Free of Charge on All Device

This is going to be my shortest post ever... This may seem like a set up, but I don't really know what you are going to call it. As I am typing now, I have downloaded 10.5GB file and I am still downloading.
If you still remember where you kept your Airtel SIM, grab it and enjoy what I am enjoying right now.

Don't Miss Out People - Black Friday Double Awoof

Don’t miss this people…

Unable To Change Your Android IMEI To Blackberry IMEI? Fix It Here

I must just confess that Glo BIS has been my all-time unique data savior for all most all my devices because I can’t really tell if it is normal data I am using or Blackberry data. However I feel the pain of all those individuals who has tried all they could to change their Android IMEI to blackberry, but still are found in the state of no solution. Don’t hate your device, but change the process and you’ll get a new solution.
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