Permanent Ban - Whatsapp Started Rolling out Permanent Ban

It is no longer news that WhatsApp are being terrorize by WhatsApp+ Plus as it gives you more opportunity to customize your WhatsApp to your taste, bypasses the share limit of 16MB, hide you last seen features, and much more customizable features.

Few months ago, WhatsApp started banning whatsapp+  and WhatsAppMD users for like 24 – 48hrs ban, somewhere banned for 7 days before the anti-ban whatsapp came into play. Now it appears whatsapp officials have taken the offensive measures by permanently banning third party users.

Do You Still Remember Nokia 1100? It Now Comes With Android 5.0 Lollipop Rebranded

Could this be true or I’m in kuvuki dream land. Do you still remember this Nokia 1100? I know Nokia fans won’t forget that easily because the ruggedity and brutality of this particular nokia smartphone that was once trending across the globe but suddenly vanished… 

Well, it was spotted few days ago, but this time, it’s coming with and Android 5.0 OS, MediaTek and guess what? Its coming back to scene to clear all the tecno’s and the likes.

PraiseWorld: 247 Gospel Music on Your Device - Must Download

Music is connected to infinity… It takes you to the other side of the world. I just can’t imagine myself reading, or going to bed without music. I’ve heard some people said  life is incomplete without music because it makes you sane and insane.

To all those gospel music lovers who can’t go to bed without music, then I’ve got a good news for you; you can now listen to 24/7 gospel blues, rhythm, praise and even discover new artist right from your device.

Get Unlimited Glo Credit For Free- Get Yours Now!

If you are still awake, count yourself lucky cos I can’t gurantee you if it will still be working by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. I don’t know how this all began but someone drew my attention  to this and it work just fine. You can call it any name but all I know is Endless credit.

You get as much as you want until Glo Admin wakes up.

Cheapest Call Rate - MTN Rebranded True Talk Package to Family & Friends (11k/sec)

Mtn Nigeria re-launches True talk after disabling it for a while, but this time, it comes with additional benefits. It offers you the opportunity to make calls at a new tariff rate of 11 kobo/sec to 11 selected numbers from any network of choice. In order words, this is family & friends modified!

What you don’t know is this, MTN TruTalk service is also an upgrade of the Family and Friends feature, which avails customers more talk time and an opportunity to make calls for half the rate. The value offerings provide a tariff as low as 11 kobo/sec to 11 registered numbers, eight on-net and three off-net numbers, for Family and Friends.

Blackberry Brings Naija BBM Stickers - Will You Rock it?

Blackberry decided to add Naija BBM stickers to BBM store and I was thinking do Nigerians really buy BBM stickers? Instead we munch other people’s sticker and use… If possible, we can even much this suppose bbm stickers for sale.

Will You Rock This New 200GB MicroSD Card?

If you are still celebrating 32GB SD card, then its high time you wake up from your slumber because another capacity of SD Card has just been unveiled by Sandisk which is not in the range of 80GB or 100GB but 200GB.
Yes, 200GB. I can’t imagine me having 200GB SD card and still be short of memory… No way!

#2 Ways to Fix App Not Installed on Android

Happy new month everyone… I think we should start the months by solving some minor problems. I’ve had series of people complaining of not being able to install apps on their Android device, and it always display ‘apps not installed’ or ‘error encountered while trying to install app’ in the process of  re-install an app on your device.

Airtel Launches Unbeatable Music App - Wynk

Music is good, music is life, it inspires and  music at times controls how you feel. To all music lovers and Airtel Fans, I’m pretty sure you are going to like this because Airtel NG don’t won’t to be left behind in terms of music.

Airtel Telecom just released an unbeatable music app called Wynk. It is a music streaming and downloadable app that allows subscribers to unlimited access to  foreign songs  and Nigerians songs on their device.

Etisalat Free Downloading With Simple Server

No much stories, etisalat is crazily rocking on simple server… I know etisalat tweak doesn’t last but this one has been rocking since yesterday. Kudos to the discoverer of this.

Atleast with this, you can download whatever you want or can think before it will be hijacked by uncoded eti staffs. But might be very slow in surfing; but best in downloading.
 Just edit your simple server to what is below

The Best Cheapest Tarrif Plan on MTN Network

I always say that anytime you pay heavily for calls to same network or other network,  it is a sin that even mobile village will not forgive you for… Why will you pay heavily on calls when you can simply apply mobile wisdom?

Have you ever wondered if its possible to make calls @1k per seconds? Or you have been wondering if its possible to make 35min calls with N100… I’m glad to inform you that its very much possible.
I’m going to quickly review one of the cheapest tariff plan on MTN network called MTN Zone.

Poll: Which Network is Currently Meeting Your Internet Need (Very Important)?

I’m aware that different people uses different network data plan to access the internet due to one or two reason… I’ve tested different network but I want to hear your opinion on which network you are currently using and its serving you better… This Poll is very important so just choose the network you care currently using below

With WhatsSpy, Kiss Your WhatsApp Privacy Policy Goodbye

I actually thought whatsapp is secured despite the facts that Whatsapp added the last seen feature with some other features that will not allow someone to know if you are online or not. But someone just open their ass up with a simple developed application.

Whatsspy Public openly dismembered WhatsApp privacy policy in terms of online status.

War Against Adult Content: Google Set to Delete Blogger Blogs With Adult Content From 23rd March' 2015

Hello, this is just a warning post coming from the front desk of Google… the giant! If you are a blogger and you know you are blog in the entertainment niche, and you also know that your blog contained some mature adult content or its set up for that purpose, then I’ll advice you remove it before March 23RD or else Google will customize, privatize or dislocate  your blog.

How to Upgrade Upgrade to OS 10.3.1 on Blackberry 10 Device Without PC.

Without much doubt, OS 10.3.1 comes with many incredible new enhancements and I wrote something about upgrading your OS with Sachesi some couples of days ago because the update was not available for all as of that time. But I have a good news for every blackberry 10 users, the update is now available; so if you’ve been unble to use Sachesi to upgrade… you can now do this with one click.
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