With WhatsSpy, Kiss Your WhatsApp Privacy Policy Goodbye

I actually thought whatsapp is secured despite the facts that Whatsapp added the last seen feature with some other features that will not allow someone to know if you are online or not. But someone just open their ass up with a simple developed application.

Whatsspy Public openly dismembered WhatsApp privacy policy in terms of online status.

War Against Adult Content: Google Set to Delete Blogger Blogs With Adult Content From 23rd March' 2015

Hello, this is just a warning post coming from the front desk of Google… the giant! If you are a blogger and you know you are blog in the entertainment niche, and you also know that your blog contained some mature adult content or its set up for that purpose, then I’ll advice you remove it before March 23RD or else Google will customize, privatize or dislocate  your blog.

How to Upgrade Upgrade to OS 10.3.1 on Blackberry 10 Device Without PC.

Without much doubt, OS 10.3.1 comes with many incredible new enhancements and I wrote something about upgrading your OS with Sachesi some couples of days ago because the update was not available for all as of that time. But I have a good news for every blackberry 10 users, the update is now available; so if you’ve been unble to use Sachesi to upgrade… you can now do this with one click.

How to Download Uttorent With MTN BIS on PC Working Flawlessly (Video)

This is not new but a kind of new to some people. However, if you’ve been finding it difficult to use MTN bis on PC with uttorent, and you’ve try all you can but no headway, then this post is for you. A fan of this blog "Menebari" has just created a simple video on how you can easily download utorrent tixati with MTN BIS on PC with simplicity. A very big thank you to him.

What Brand is Your Current SmartPhone?

Let's quickly run a poll so that I’ll know those who are benefiting from the tutorial being shared on this blog or not. This will enable me to balance up so that posts on this blog won’t just be one sided for android or blackberry. Just comments with the brand of phone you are using be it Tecno, Samsung, iPhone or

Etisalat Free Downloading With Simple Server

No much stories, etisalat is crazily rocking on simple server… I know etisalat tweak doesn’t last but this one has been rocking since yesterday. Kudos to the discoverer of this.

Atleast with this, you can download whatever you want or can think before it will be hijacked by uncoded eti staffs. But might be very slow in surfing; but best in downloading.
 Just edit your simple server to what is below

Must Read: Will You Be Responsible & Stop Tweaking Your IMEI?

I was reading through a particular thread on Nairaland this afternoon and I stumble where someone wrote a an epistle to Nigerians  titled: “Be a responsible data User, avoid cheat and tweak”. I sat down and thought for a moment, and came to conclusions that..

==>Android Operating system consumes more data than normal operating system… No doubt. But this alone should pose a question to our telecom provider that there should be a cheaper Android data plan instead of selling data to Android users at an exorbitant price. Imagine Airtel BIS Plan that was newly upgraded goes for N1,400 (3GB) but this same Airtel Network charges Android plan 2GB for 2K which won’t even last you upto two weeks. 

How to Install OS 10.3.1 On Your Blackberry 10 Device

I am reporting live from Blackberry Central. This update goes to all Blackberry users with intended enabled swag.
BlackBerry has officially announced the launch of the much anticipated OS 10.3.1 today, and as we all know, an over the air (OTA) upgrade availability is subject to carrier certification and approval. So what if you’re among the unlucky ones and your carrier hasn’t released this update as of yet?

Here is a method which enables you to update your device to the latest version, in the event your carrier has not released the update.

How to Download Torrent With Simple Server on Android Smartphone

I know Mtn killers, Imei pitchers and GB exhausters  are gazing at this post right now imaging what will come out of it next… But I’m glad majority of Android, PC and other device users are really making use of Mtn bis on their Android and PC with Simple server and other vpn services.

A lot of individual had wanted to know how to download using Utorrent on Android and that is what I’m going to share with you. I want to believe your Mtn BBC day is active because it is 3.5Gb and if you are lucky, you can use upto 5GB  and above. So if you want to download heavily, N100 is enough to get you season 1, 2 & 3 of your favorite Tv series.

UPDATE: How to Use MTN BIS on Android & PC Using SS & TunnelGuru

This is just an update, as at 18-02-2015, MTN BIS has been confirmed working on PC with Simple Server and TunnelGuru & Open VPN. So if you are finding it difficult to use Glo bis on your android or you just want to download with your MTN Bis, then you’ll consider this post unique.

MTN rocks flawlessly with Simple Server and TunnelGuru on PC and Android. And if you have huge files to download like season movies, OS etc, then you can use MTN Daily BIS as it is unlimited with Simple Server.

How to Enable WhatApp Web on Mozilla Firefox

This is going to be one of my shortest, simplest tutorials… If you are still still having problem enabling WhatsApp calling features, don’t worry it will be fix in due cause. I’m rocking my WhatsApp Plus with clause and exceptionality.

Whatsapp web was introduced something last month Jan, 2015 and was only men’t to be available for Chrome users… even though I’m not a fan of chrome, I just had to manage it functionality. Firefox has always been my thing because of its simplicity speed. 

WhatApp+ Reborn -Antiban Version Enabled With Voice Calling Features - Download it Now!

Two things are involve, if you are not using this version of whatsapp, its either the phone is not yours or the phone is your boss… If the phone is not yours, then there is hope but if it’s your boss, then two things are involve… 

I’ve talked so much about Whatsapp calling features on Android, amazingly this feature has been working flawlessly but some individuals are yet to get it functionality. Now, this feature is now available for WhatsApp plus users with calling features enabled. Don’t dull yourself, try it out. It is called WhatsApp  Reborn!

Hot Deal: Mul-tifuctional Hi-Watch With SmartPhone, Bluetoot &Camera - Will You Rock This?

I don’t know what technology will become in the next few years to come… For some techy guys like me, will you rock this amazing multi functional Hi-wrist watch?

All you need to do is insert a SIM card and it can act as a smart phone itself. Or use its Bluetooth function to sync your Android phone's calls/call history/phonebook/SMS/Email/Music player/Weather information etc. This smart watch allows you to do so much more than just look at the time, it allows you to make calls, watch videos, play your favourite songs and even help you find your stolen or lost phone. It is also a standby cell phone, when your smart phone is without power. It also comes with a 2 megapixel camera that allows you to captures those wonderful moments.

Have You Heard About Round Video Chat? - The Best Video Chat, Call & Texting App

I was just playing around this app and I wish to share it with you all. Rounds FREE video chat allows you to easily connect and have fun with friends. Make an audio call or send text messages, play games, take pictures, share photos, watch YouTube videos together and much more, all while you make video or audio voice calls for free. Rounds has the best HD video chat quality for you to have fun and chat together on Wifi, 3G, 4G or LTE.

How to Boot Stubborn Android Devices Into Recovery Mode

I’ll be very quick on this, because I know there are lots of Android users that doesn’t know how to boot into recovery mode. If the conventional method of booting into recovery mode doesn’t work out for you, then one of the below will surely work out well for you.
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