How to be Eligible For Airtel 4GB & 9GB

Unfortunately, It’s not everyone that fall in love with Airtel network. I have used it over and over again and I love it for the speed of accessing the internet  and doesn’t zap my data on PC. I know many still want to sub for the airtel Android 1+1 package but are not eligible for this offer which is so super annoying. It sounds too good to get 9Gb for #3,500 or 4GB for #2k and it will last you for 2months.

Cheap Etisalat Data - Alternative To MTN Data Share

I know as you read now, some Mtn SME data resellers have already reshuffle their prices while some might have even given up on 250MB and 500MB data buyers. The truth still remains, not all of us can consume 1gb in one month because what we do with the internet varies as well as our finance are not the same. #1,300 might seem small to some individuals while to others, it is a big money. On this note, an alternative

MTN BIS Still Rocking On All Android Phones/PC Using OpenVPN

Just a run down of what has been going on for the past few weeks before we roll the cutton for October. MTN Bis still rocks on All Android device and PC flawlessly, most especially if you are a movie freak or download freak. You can run the MTN daily Bis with 3Gb downloads upwards if you are lucky.

You Can Now Get 12Months Warranty on Your Innjoo Device + 3Months Free Swap

To all InnJoo users, you now have a 12months warranty for your InnJoo device and 3months free swap back if at all anything happen to your InnJoo device from Jumia. I think this is getting better every  day with InnJoo. What I don’t really understand now is, how strong is the foundation of all Chinko device as more chinko device are coming to Africa most especially Nigeria?

Could This be The End of MTN Data Share Services? ... Possible Solution to This

I was surprised this morning when seven (7) MTN SME Data resellers mail me that they  got this message from MTN Dear Customer, you have already reached your quota of 10 maximum shares for your plan. Please purchase another plan to be allotted another 10 shares” and could no longer sell data beyond 10 subscribers and I was wondering what could have led to this? Is it that MTN are suddenly

Drop Any Device or Blog Problems Here... Lets Treat it Together

Sorry If I haven't been attending to all the questions for some time  now or you sent me a mail and no reply… Just don’t know which one to reply cause they are just too much. But today is a good day to answer and profer solutions to some of your device problems or blog issues. Feel free to drop any questions that has been bugging you relating to your device, data plans, blog or earning money online and I guess, if they are not beyond me, answers will be provided.

Will You Rock This Latest InnJoo Note Below 22k?

Those of us who anticipate to get a 5.5 inches tablets below 22k might want to consider this mind blowing November offer from Innjoo mobile.  'Ember months' like this people always change devices and perhaps if you are one of those who want to get a device not too far from 20k then this review is for you. All the Innjoo products have seen and touched so far, they are so superb and I won’t hesitate to get this one too…

How To Stop All Spam Messages & Calls From Nigerian Network Using Binga

It can be so annoying when you are expecting a life changing sms from the place you recently went for an interview when an infected spamming call now pop in from Airtel Advertisement or you’ve been expecting a congratulation sms or an alert from your bank you now receive a congratulation message from 33181, 35020, 33115, 35685 telling you that your number “08065046***”

BeepTool - For Your Unlimited Calling, Texting to Anywhere in The World

Its been a while I  talked about application that allow you to make unlimited calls anywhere any time without tampering or playing around with your credit ranging from viber, hangout, BBM, Nanu and so on but what I’m about to share with you is different from the above listed.

This post is for those who truly want to talk endlessly on  calls to anyone around the world without touching their credits; those who love to text for free anywhere around the world are the only one who is permitted to read further.

How to Stream LIve Matches on Your SmartPhone

For the benefits of those who will love to stream live matches directly from their mobile device, anywhere and anytime, with less data charge, instead of going to a football house to watch you can easily do this from the comfort of your device without any network interruption.

How To Root Any Android Device Running 4.4KitKat With TowelRoot

I don’t want to talk much but if you are using Android OS KitKat and it’s not rooted, then I’ll adjourn you to take a chair and read carefully because I’m about to show you how to go about it. Though if this method didn’t work on your device, don’t too worry, because there is no one way of getting things done.

Best Tarriff Plan In This 'Ember Months'

It been a while I talked about this tariff plan of a thing but It will be expedient to talk about it today. What makes a network good is not only in good network reception but also in cheaper tariff plan. Ideally, you should be able to talk comfortably with #100 to any network without checking your balance. Anything that will prompt you to check your balance after making a call is questionable.

Gionee M3 Coming With 5000mAh Battery - Will You Rock It?

If actually they can make this product come to reality, then it will be one of it kind I’ve ever seen. Gionee is a great product and I’m pretty sure the users of it can testify. Gionee M2 came with a killer battery 4200mAh with OS 4.2 which is upgradeable to 4.4 kitkat. If there is anything  I love about good mobile device is for the fact that I can do a whole lot of things and still have an eternal batter life.

ManU Fans, You Need This Glo Manchester United App For Livestreaming

This one is for football lovers but not just an ordinary football lovers but football lovers with high definition swag. If you are a ManU lover, then I bet you are going to love this.

Glo, one of the top telecom service provider in Africa officially partnered with One of the largest football

Why You Should Stop Celebrating Android KitKat & Upgrade to Android Lollipop 5.0

And  finally, Google launches  Android Lollipop 5.0. While some of  us are still struggling to upgrade to kitkat, another Android OS upgrade is available. This version is unique, and highly exceptional in such a way that content respond to your touch in an intuitive way, notification visible on lock screen and lot more.
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