How To Create Your Blog/Business Blackberry App in Minutes

I recently talked about how to get your Android Apps for your blog/business listed on Play store, and I’m pretty sure those who have
succeeded in creating there blog/business app are enjoying it listed. Today, I’ll
be sharing with you how you can easily create you blog app for blackberry and
get it listed on  Blackberry App World in
easy steps; just follow me carefully and I bet you’ll thank me later.

I’ll share with you two easy ways you can get your app ready for blackberry world.
How Can I Create my Blog/business App For BB App world?
==>Go to, now click on
the Create Your App button.
==>Now enter your
site address or your RSS feed or Atom feed then click on Add Content.
==>In Content
type in the heading of your blog/website or the name you would like
to give to your application then you can choose a layout of your application
with a preview by the right side. After which you click on Done.

You can add more content source/website
or blog and they will appear as other channels within your application.
==>Select the
language you want your content to be delivered in within your application and
then click on Save & Continue.  
==>Accept the license
agreement and click on Continue
==>Now you can
edit your Title Banner, Header & Menu, and Link Text Colour
and Upload your app Icon. Your can also edit your app name.  Then
click on Save & Continue.
==>Fill in your
details to get a BlackberryAppGenerator account. 
==>Select the
category of your blog/website, this is the niche where your blog or website
falls in, this will help users to search for your app on Blackberry Appworld.
Then click on Save & Continue.
==>Select free and
click on Finish. Then make sure to verify your email address by opening
and clicking on the link in the email sent to you. 
==>Now your app is
ready for submission to the Blackberry Appworld. To be able to submit
your app, you must have a Blackberry Vendor Portal account. So log in
with your blackberry ID and create a vendor account, wait till when you
are approved then you are good to go.
Another method you
can use to get your app read in Blackberry App world is to go through
==>Go to
==>click on create 
your mobile app and follow the rest procedures as seen in that site to
get your app ready for bb users.
Let me give you a breathing space by pausing here; feel free
to ask me your questions.So watch out for how to get your blog/business app ready for iPhone users in iTunes store.
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