#NoToDataHike: Senate Bars NCC From Data Price Hike

It seems our United we stand signature on Change.org is finally working…
The Senate on Wednesday asked the Nigerian Communications Commission to immediately stop planned data tariff hike.
The Senate said before any such hike could be announced all parties should be consulted.
Information on this are still sketchy more more details coming soon...

Source: Punch Newspaper

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  1. 1st to comment.
    Realy like ds news

  2. Nice one! Although i dont see how NCC would have just acted alone without FG's concern. I wont be surprised if this is just plot to make it look as if they have this country at heart since everything from start has been a sham.

  3. Who is fooling who? Can NCC just on it's own come up with such idea. The National assembly is part of the game. I don't believe this news. Let's wait till tomorrow and see how things will unfold.

  4. Same Senate suspend DISCO not to increase Electricity charges, but DISCO still go ahead and increase the charges and nothing happen from the end of the so called SENATE
    Nigeria govt knew we are just noise maker, the charges will be included and they will make it HIDDEN.
    No be to dey jare

    How much is dollar officially ( from govt end )
    But how much are we being charged for dolar both black & white market even in the bank.
    We should just stop deceiving our self.

    1. God bless you jare. Most of us are fools. Believing Senate knw nothing about it. In a Way or the other it will be increased. Mark my words.

  5. Alert! NCC has supended the supposed increased data plan which was planned to be effective tommorrow, following reactions from Nigerians, the Senates also filed an objection to NCC plan---for more info you can check the official page of NCC on facebook--to read more on the suspension---xpertek team(C.E.O--Youngproff) ----#Say No! To NCC Extortion!---The supposed plan was to help lower data providers--Smile, Spectranet, Multilinks, Starcomm---who are having difficulty against Top level providers-Mtn, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat in terms of services---Top level providers have more customers than the Lower provider, but the question is Wu Lower providers(Smile & Co) epp ---Glo grand master of data plan---#Say No! To NCC Extortion!----Xpertek team---Youngproff

  6. I love the move we all made. There is power in unity. Long Live Nigerians using data.NCC finally stopped the data price increase.

  7. Thank God the Senate intervened ..

    This government just doesn't care....


    1. Hahaha MY question is the Senate not the government

  8. even the common sense senator made it known on his Face book 📄

  9. Replies
    1. Lols who knows they might not bring back night plan !

      Commenting from Jboytech.com

  10. de are yet to update their system
    the telecoms

  11. Who is aware that MTN has cancelled the night plan?

  12. Yes, finally unity in speech worked if not it should have been effected by now, Nigerians should learn how to be outspoken in all affairs of policy making in the country, we should learn from other advanced nation of the world who protest whenever policies are against the interest of the masses.

  13. Please Yomi, wanna purchase a sample of item on a Chinese website, can you help me pay and I will send you the money in Naira. My Naira debit card is not supported as I don't possess a dom. Account.

  14. This Government is a Scam we like it or not
    Nigerians will be thinking they Senate has done something for them
    When we all know NCC can't bring up things like thing without telling them
    Who is deceiving who

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  15. Nice post and helpful,I don't think this time it will fit wella because even the whole Nigerian are facing economic recession.

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  16. This is the news of the year!



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