Android Stat for January: Froyo Dies, Lollipop Tops

I don’t know if we should call this good news for Android users or not but the most important thing is after nearly 7 years, Android 2.2 Froyo launched in May 2010 has finally dropped off the platform distribution numbers. What this means is that the maiden Google OS is presently installed in less than 0.1% of devices globally. 

Froyo has been hanging on at 0.1% of active Android devices for ages, but now it's dropped below that mark and is no longer included in the platform numbers. It was still there last month. Now that Froyo is dead, we can start the Gingerbread Deathwatch. It's currently sitting at 1%

Android 5.1 Lollipop still tops the chart with a total of 33.3% on the distribution chart, this is closely followed by Android Marshmallow with 29.6%. Android KitKat comes in at the third position with 22.6%, while Android Jelly Bean completes the top 4 with 11.6%. Google’s latest  mobile OS, Android 7.0 Nougat is still at its lowest, with a 0.7% distribution figure four months after it was released.

Everything else is only changing by fractions one way or the other. Those of you still on older operating system, it’s time to upgrade.

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  1. It's a matter of time before Marshmallow catch up with Lollipop. The gap is closing fast.
    The relative low number of Nougat users is because it comes mostly on Premium phones...something outta most users "spare money".

  2. lolz.. E still remain small sha..

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  3. former things are passing away

  4. Still rocking lollipop on my retarded umi iron

  5. Bought Oukitel K10000 April 2016 with Lollipop, updated to Marshmallow via OTA in June 2016 and now Oukitel promised to update it to Nougat by March 2017. Where is Tecno n Infinix when u talk of updating Android operating without manual flashing ?

    1. Tecno and Infinix are still learning. With time they will catch up with those standard Chineze OEM


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