How to Watch Big Brother Naija 2017 Online 24/7 With Your Smartphone Free of Charge

This is one hell of a show that keeps Africans glued to their TV for hours Big Brother Africa; and a lot of you love to keep up with Big Brother Africa TV show but not all will love to seat directly in front of their television.

Big Brother Naija 2017 has begun and for the next 10 weeks, 12 housemates are going to entertain us, make you cry, laugh and possibly give you a goosebumps; this week ,we'll witness the very first evictions of Big Brother Naija and 3 housemates are up for possible eviction.

It isn't everybody that have access to it on their TV screen hence this alternative way of watching BBN on your mobile phone, tablets or PC/Laptop. You’ll be able to watch Big Brother Naija 24/7 none stop directly from your mobile device.

How Can I Watch Big Brother Naija 2017 Free of Charge From my Smartphone?
It’s pretty simple, subscribe to either of these Youtube Channels below and you are good to go.

ToxiC Pattat here or
Piccitoxin here

Don’t miss any episode while on the move.

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  1. Another informative post....

    Good job


  2. Lol nice one tho m not a fan of d show

  3. Pls yomi does iphone5s support 4g network?

    1. Yes, it supports all the network

    2. Hmmm! 5s doesn't support Glo 4G o...

  4. We are talking about data here to stream that channel, and NTEL can't stream again while others are more expensive, the ground master data (GLO) is nothing to talk about

  5. Nice tip....not a fan of big brother

  6. Thanks anyway for d info. But am not a fans of big brother African or naija. All I need now is how to make money for dis buhari regime

  7. I'm not just a fan of all this brother big show of a thing


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