MTN, Airtel & Etisalat Lose 1.66 million Subscribers but Glo...

This statistics from NCC shows that there are over 150 million active telecommunication lines in Nigeria using the GSM, CDMA or VOIP networks. And data contributes immensely to the growth of the networks. 

This statistics from NCC  March-April shows that Nigerian Telecom company lost over 1.66 million subscribers on its Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network in March 2017. According to statistics, all GSM operators witnessed a decline in its subscriber’s population except Globacom during the month.

Information on active subscribers line of major telecom companies in Nigeria
(NCC Report, March 2017)
The information showed GSM operators’ active customers decreased by 1,662,350 on the 153,661,547 subscribers recorded in February 2017.

MTN loss 60,391,959 users,  Airtel  loss 34,656,605 subscribers, Etisalat customers dropped by 566,408 in March 2017. In contrary, data from Globacom showed an increase of 78,372, giving a total of 37,328,827 customers, as against 37,250,455 in February 2017.

Increase in Globacom’s active customers is due to its competitive internet data plans. Hence, a lot of smartphone users are switching to the network to take the opportunity of this low internet data cost. But now that Globacom has reduced their data cap by 100%, will they still experience increase or decrease by the end of April?

Ntel on the other hand is waxing stronger… Ntel had 58,590 consumers subscribing to its products and services in March 2017 which indicates an improvement from its 53,586 in February 2017.

Nigeria GSM market distribution
(NCC Report, March 2017)
MTN still has the largest market share of 39.73%, followed by Glo 24.56%, Airtel 22.80% and Etisalat 12.91%.

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  1. Too bad Globacom had to go the way of Etisalat and MTN. No doubt, they're gonna experience a gradual decline as time goes on. Unfortunately, Ntel Network is not in my area, I would have loved to give it a try.

  2. Hello YomiP,
    I recently signed up for adsense account, I I do daily live youtube videos with over 3k views daily. I will like to have idea of likely earning monthy please. I will also like you to suggest to me any possibility of increasing earning apart from the standard monetization.


  3. Prof Glo didn't actually reduce the plan.. when u sub for 1k u get 1.6gb and 100% bonus which is still 3.2gb smae with the 2500 for 5gb + 100% bonus= 10gb still.

    1. They said u will only receive that bonus if u Autorenwed before 3 days. I chatted with them on Facebook

  4. Glo will lose more internet users come next month bcos of there data reduction + slow network

  5. I pity glo for what they will soon experience.

  6. Maybe there network will get better small
    after reducing the data


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