How to Recharge Your PHCN Prepaid Meter Online in Less Than 10Min

In this jet age era, it will be completely abysmal to queue up in the bank or PHCN office to pay your PHCN bill when you can simply do this at the comfort of your home via your phone or PC.

Today, a lot of homes in Nigeria are using the Prepaid Meter, the digital power consumption calculation device. Basically, if you have a prepaid meter in your house, it means that the company will bill you for the amount of energy that you've used in the previous quarter or month.

 If you have the Prepaid Meter, then your days of standing in line all day in order to pay your bills are finally over. You can recharge it faster and easier. 

Note: If you have a shop or a small shade, you can actually turn this into business by helping people to recharge their prepaid meter with your own charges attached

There are different ways of getting your Prepaid meter recharged within minutes but I’m going to share the easiest way with you.

>>A Smartphone or PC
>>Internet Connection
>>ATM card

How Can I Recharge my Prepaid Meter Online Without Visiting PHCN Office?
Method One
1. From your smartphone or PC, go to https://www.payelectricitybills.com
2. Select your electricity distribution company from the available choices below by clicking on the company's logo.

3. Fill in your account details, this includes your plan type, the meter no, your phone number (where your token will be sent) and the desired Naira amount. Click 'Continue' to verify the details.

4. Once your account details have been verified, you will be taken to a secure page to enter your card information. Your meter token will be sent after successful payment.

5. Enter the 20 digits tokens that will be sent to your phone on your prepaid meter and press # key to confirm it.

Your Prepaid meter will be recharged and that is all.

Method Two
Using your bank mobile app or official website

1. Visit your bank’s official website or use your phone and launch the mobile app (if they have it).
2. Use your username and password to log in to your account.
3. Find a menu that is dedicated to paying bills.
4. Find and select PHCN. 

5. Enter all the needed credentials - your meter number, the amount you are purchasing and the other required details.
Check twice to confirm your meter number, put it down on paper, so you won’t make any mistakes. If you are not around it, then ask someone to check it - it is important that you get it right. 

6. If the Online Transaction Password is necessary, then enter it.
7. Check if all the information is correct, then hit the confirm button.
8. Check the number of your online transaction token and enter it in the right field.

On successful payment confirmation, an email and token will be sent to your phone containing 20 digits numbers, enter it on your prepaid meter and press the # tag to key it in.

Viola! Your prepaid meter is now fully recharged.
The only difference between the direct and bank way of recharging is just the N100 bank will charge you for this transaction.

Hope it helps?

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  1. This is so cool, no more stressing ourselves going to their office. Thanks u for sharing.

  2. Naija is trying to wake up from a deep sleep
    Good for them anyway but I don't think 5% of Nigerians have been supplied this so called prepaid meter and I hope issue payment confirmation and no token send will not be arising, this is Nigeria anything is possible if it's at the wrong side, but not everything is possible if it's at the positive side

    1. From my previous use so far, token is instant after payment confirmation

  3. Just hearing about this site for the first time now. But I normally use buypower.ng for AEDC meters.

  4. Great write up, but the down side in the case of EKEDC is that you lose/forfeit the monthly BONUS token when you use bank platform.

    1. Just hearing this... You mean you get bonus for recharging directly from EKEDC and how many KWH bonus do you get monthly?

    2. Good but as for me I still prefer sitting at home than going to bank because of some kwh bonus.

    3. Don't think so,got a bonus on my last recharge and I used gtb for d transaction

    4. Don't think so,got a bonus on my last recharge and I used gtb for d transaction

  5. Thanks for this much needed info prof.

  6. Wow tanx so much for this great info

    Commenting from GuruBasics

  7. This saves time as well as money. Thanks

    Get free browsing cheat on all networks here

    1. People still dey use Free Browsing?

  8. But how do you the company that supply you electricity..?

  9. Wow I love this, thanks for this info commenting from ALLINFOBUZZ

  10. Please can I buy less than 2k with this method?

  11. How to know meter number?

    1. dial *100# and your meter number will be displayed

  12. But my meter does not have the * and # button. It only has the numbers and the On/Enter button

  13. Wow! This bro too current.
    This article is admirable because i can now recharge my PHCN meter anytime any day.
    Yomi Prof
    onwer of this site. Appreciate boss


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