Samsung Internet Browser V6.2 Beta Now Available to All Android L+

If you have tried the earlier beta version before now, you’ll see how smooth it is to use this Samsung internet beta browser exclusive to only Samsung smartphones but now open to all.

The browser is smooth, light and has proven itself as a worthy competitor with Chrome browser. The good news is that Samsung Internet browser is now made open to none Samsung Android devices who run Android L and above. Plus CSS Grid and lots more…

Sometimes in June we shared here that Samsung internet browser was made available to some Android device but today, the version 6.2 beta is been released to for all Android 5.0+ (Lollipop+) phones!

But besides this, the v6.2 beta adds a few more interesting features.
>>The most notable of these is the high contrast mode, which enables for easier reading for visually impaired people (and is a separate option from the existing night mode). But alongside, there's an upgrade to a new, snappier version of the Chromium rendering engine, as well as several more experimental features like WebVR support for Google Cardboard and the ability to control Bluetooth devices right from inside the browser.

>>It is now available globally for download from Google Play store here
Do you like this browser over others?

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  1. I hope the download speed will be as fast as uc browser.

  2. Your post says for all smartphone why the choice from lolipop upward how about we using kitkat lemme keep enjoying my google chrome browser is still the best..

    1. Still on KitKat? C'mon get a new phone especially Lollipop or Nougat. I detest Marshmallow.

  3. I'll try it out.

  4. Tried it on my s5 an it is dope. Definitely going to try on my tecno tab.

  5. There are only two browsers in the world, Google Chrome and others

  6. If its worth the try ...hope it wud meet my expectations

  7. for me, I still prefer my Google chrome. thanks for the update.

  8. @Victor Emmanuel..!!! ok I will, can you give me money..?

  9. What does the browser


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