Surfwella To Launch Free Wi-fi Network In All Universities Beginning From Today

We love it more when internet subscription is free… But these days, I’m always skeptical about anything free.

However, INDIGENOUS 4G operator, Cyberspace Network Limited, will be launching Free wi-fi network in all universities across the country beginning with University of Abuja today.
The free Internet wifi will be launched first in the University of Abuja before going round to other universities.  

According to the chief marketer of surfwella, the service will be on “no payment, no subscription, no data purchase, and no need for modems basis”. Every surfing will be absolutely free.

The company is planning to build another free Internet infrastructure for Lagos State University (LASU) in the next few weeks, which will be followed by College of Agric, Lafiaji, and University of Lagos (Unilag).

This is a good move by the company to empower the students with free internet… their way of giving back to the society. How I wish other Telcos will emulate this company.

About Surfwella
Surfwella is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of indigenous 4G operator, Cyberspace Network Limited, and a veritable platform for social and cognitive computing.

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  1. Good one if they really make it to all the Universities in Nigeria.

    1. My opinion Too but this will be a big project ooo. We have so many universities in Nigeria. Well that's the kind of news we want to be hearing and teading in Nigeria.

      Commenting from OriginalSpecs Blog

  2. Free is sweet. Streaming on point. I hope it wont kill businesses of other ISPs?

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  4. Nothing is really free. With free stuff comes great responsibility.

  5. Nothing is really free. With free stuff comes great responsibility.

  6. Dont be suprised
    It will be restricted to some sites.
    I pray its free..
    U will pay
    Nothing isbfree
    Dont be fooled
    There are hidden charges

  7. even if its free, it won't work in all locations. they said only abuja and Lagos for now, their next stop will be in delta state.

  8. EVen if its everywhere believe me you will only see the wifi signal and connect, then nothing else will work, i trust my people, naija never favour the people that paid and subscribe not to talk of free WIFI

  9. Whether free or not we still need it.

  10. Wow! what a wonderful, its really an impressive development by Surfwella , we are looking for the commencement.

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