Meet Laide Chat bot! Order Food, Movie Ticket, Buy Airteime & Data... It Makes Life Easier

It will interest you to know that we are in the era of bot and this time around, it is Laide. Laide is not just a name of a Yoruba pepper dem gang but the name of a bot to make your social life interesting and your daily life easier.

Laide is an assistant that can help you buy airtime,data, order food, and buy movie and event tickets. For movies, users can view descriptions and trailers before buying tickets. For food, review menus and order food. All payments are currently handled by a PCI DSS (payment card industry data security standard) certified platform called Paystack.

If you are buying airtime using Laide chat bot, you also get 5% cashback which you can use to pay for other Laide services.

With Laidebot in summary, you can;
-Keep tabs on the latest movies showing in Cinemas all over Nigeria, and buy tickets for them easily and beat any "bad belle" queues that may be.

-Find out about upcoming Shows, or Events and buy tickets for them.
-Order Food! Yes! From our dear Ewa aganyin and infamous Jollof rice to spaghetti bolognese, from Chicken casseroles and other "medeh-medeh" to hot Afang soup. With top class restaurants, Laide's got you covered.

You can try out Laide here https://www.messenger.com/t/laidebot
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  1. Nice information. I will try it out. Bots taking over and even creating unemployment these days

    Commenting from SpecNG Blog

    1. They're are the future though human input won't be overemphasized.

  2. But 5% is very small ooo. Besides, can their services be compared to the one offered by jumia? I'm asking because jumia offers these services.

  3. Nice one from the developers.

  4. nice
    but the food own sucks though

  5. Is very good but isn't 5% a bit over. With 5% one can use it to do the services himself na

  6. Wow!! For my airtime purchase I make use of Zoto and KongaPay


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