Google Simplifies Video Calling on Your Android Phone With This

I think I’ve only used my Google Duo video calling app once this year and I’m not sure if I’ll be opening it anytime soon except otherwise… Afterall, I can get all done in one tap on WhatsApp. But Google seems to be wiser, they want to present you with something more simpler without opening any app, something you’ll love.

Google is rolling out simpler video calling on mobile for Android users. Those wanting to make a video call will be able do so straight from the Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps. The integration is as tight as you’d expect with the option to start video presented in the same list of options where you’d call or text a contact. 

Android video calling
Google says it will add a function later that allows you to upgrade an ongoing voice call to video with a single tap.

Google also revealed that users will be directed to ViLTE video calls if both the parties are using a carrier that supports the feature. Primarily, Google's video calling app Duo will be the main app that will make video call to anyone with the app installed.

Google clears that users will have to run the latest versions of the Phone (v13.0), Contacts (v2.1), and Android Messages (v2.6) app to support the feature. The new video call feature will be currently visible to users running Android 7.0 Nougat and above

Presently, the integrated video calling feature is already rolling out to Pixel, Pixel 2, Android One, and Nexus phones. Google is working with carriers to make the feature available on other Android devices even though no specific time frame given.

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  1. Great app. But only viable for Android 7 users hmmm. So even marshmallow users can't use it? The developer nawa.

  2. Innovation is the key to business. Nice concept

  3. Nice one Prof.
    I noticed it past week
    I have Downloaded the Google Duo already waiting for call

  4. am Not a fan of video call.... Network no go allow person enjoy am..

  5. I wanted to uninstall the Google duo app, but I realised that it's comes with google services.

  6. So d bloatware in MIUI8 is now useful. It is difficult to uninstall,I just disabled it. Let me go ASAP to enable

  7. Google has not always had it well in promoting their indigenous apps. I hope this idea works amidst competition.


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