TStv Africa to Begin Full Operation November 1

We are all waiting but here is a public announcement from TStv Africa.
Telcomm Satellite TV (TStv) says its newly inaugurated pay TV, TStv Africa, will begin commercial operation on November 1.

According to the M.D, TStv would launch its services with about one million decoders nationwide and at least 5,000 decoders TStv would be released to the public next week for free, adding that it would use the first set of decoders with one month free subscription to test run its services.

Tstv to will begin full operations come November 1

“Commercialisation of our decoders will resume officially on November 1 and by that time, every part of Nigeria would have TStv decoders for people to buy.

“We are releasing about one million which can go round and our target for the first quarter is one million units.

“In every quarter we will bring one million units and we are targeting four million units within the next one year.

“I can tell you categorically that some decoders will be released next week for Nigerians to test and we are going to cover the 36 states of the federation.

“These decoders are going to be free and it close to 5,000 units to test and that will last for two weeks,” he said.

Why The Delay?
Echefu disclosed that the delay in releasing the decoders to the public was to ensure that dealers were properly scrutinised so that the decoders do not fall into the wrong hands.

He explained that the decoder would be sold to Nigerians at a subsidised rate.
According to him, the landing cost of the decoder is N28,000.

“We don’t want a situation where someone would pick our decoders and dump them somewhere. That is why we are very careful because of competition,” he said.

“We have received well over 6,000 applications and it has been overwhelming processing these people; but so far, we have been able to accredit more than 748 dealers and we have received applications from more than 3,000 of them.

“That is why we have not commercialized our services even though we are the ones losing because we have enough decoders to cover the whole of Nigeria.

“But it will be unfair with all the money put in for us to give decoders out and those decoders don’t get to the end users.”

How Many Staffs Does TStv Have?
The organisation currently has 250 staff on direct employment, while it expects about 10000 to be engaged indirectly at take off.

On the alleged copyright infringement on two international content providers, Turner Broadcasting System and beIN sports, Echefu said the company entered into partnership agreement with every concerned organization.

According to him, TStv will air CNN and beIN sports channels

Source: Thecable.ng

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  1. Good to hear...... Hope the first set gonna reach the end users at ondo state..waitin tinx

  2. No rush, they're really thinking things through. This is why they won't fail .

  3. Good to hear that

  4. Maybe they really understand the business plan so they need to follow it accordingly to avoid crash.

  5. N28,000. Subsidized to N5000? Two set of decoders, one coming with 4.5g and the other 3g. I'm still confused walahi.

  6. That price up there is still parable to me. Abi is it the flat decoder that will cost 28K? TStv please show us the table of contents of TStv Africa

  7. Oga yomi is the 28,000 for one of the decorder

  8. I just knew it. That N5000 price sounds unrealistic. N28000 for the 4.5g decoder, dish and a few month free subscription is a better option that they should consider.

    1. Don't conclude yet, let sales begin before you conclude if its N5k or 28k

  9. Tstv has just one type of decoder that will be coming with CDMA and not LTE.


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