Are You Part of The 1million People Who Downloaded Fake WhatsApp?

Maybe this is probably why some you are experiencing all manner of pop ups, annoying ads and viruses on your smartphone… perhaps you are using a fake whatsapp.

An app pretending to be an update of WhatsApp was downloaded over 1 million times on Google play store before it was removed by Google.

The app, dubbed "Update WhatsApp Messenger," appeared as if it was developed by the real firm behind the program,"WhatsApp Inc.".
fake whatsapp

However Reddit users, looking through the app's source code, noticed that the fake version used a special, invisible character at the end of the developer's name, so to appear identical to the legitimate one to the average user's eye.

Redditors also claim that the app displayed ads, and was potentially capable of installing software on the users' devices.

However, those who constantly received updates from the WhatsApp app they have always used will not be in any way affected by this.

Are you part of the 1Million people who download this fake whatsapp?


  1. I updated my whatsapp from the real source last week

  2. Does it mean that Google play store is no longer safe to download apps?

    1. U think say Google play de safe before?
      My dear its not safe anymore

  3. No ooo but I'm using a modded one, GBWhatsApp v6.0

  4. just updated mine this morning from apkmirror

  5. No... The name alone is too funny.

  6. Hmm I personally don't understand how Googleplay allowed people to upload nonsense apps.

  7. No,I'm not among and I updated mine today via whatsapp website.

  8. No i didn't fall a victim to that.

  9. In church voice:
    Ose, ose oo, ose ooo, ose baba.
    Almost got me.


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