Ntel and 9mobile Commences National Roaming Test

NTEL, Nigeria’s 4G/LTE broadband operator has announced a national roaming field trial with 9Mobile. The operators have received regulatory approval from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to commence a national roaming trial over a two-month period. 

The firm said that the agreement would enable its customers to make calls on 9Mobile’s network using any 2G or 3G handset within the specified trial zone. 

According to Ntel, “A full national roaming agreement with 9Mobile would provide our growing customer base with a seamless service over 4G/LTE superfast data and voice clarity as well as ubiquitous 3G and 2G coverage nationwide. 
ntel and 9mobile roaming

“Both operators are pioneers in innovation and we are pleased to be charting a new path for the industry.”

This is a very interesting news for ntel’s customers because you’ll be able to make calls on 9mobile’s network within the specified trial zone (Dec 1st  2017 – January 31st 2018). 
This is what it means…
>>Ntel subscriber will be able to use 4G services everywhere there is 9mobile coverage once test is complete
>>9mobile user will be able to roam on ntel network once test is complete.

Ntel and 9mobile subscribers will have to wait till February 2018 to enjoy this services. Expect to see more details once test is complete.

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  1. Wao that's nice. But I wonder who will be paying for the service.Is it the users or ntel? It would be better if ntel will just try and get their own 3g,and 2g service. From beginning I know this their only 4g service won't help them.

  2. No problem. we are waiting for it. thanks for the update.

  3. This is great and hoping it translate to better network services on 9mobile.

  4. Can someone please explain what roaming means to me. Please.

    1. Roaming service is the ability to get access to the Internet when away from home at the price of a local call or at a charge considerably less than the regular long-distance charges.

  5. The both of them offer expensive data services. Not interested.

  6. Nice. I wish its a huge success for them

  7. Good for people that have ntel sim

  8. Good partnership, hope it blossoms

  9. This is great news.


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