How Can I Get WhatsApp Business Verification Badge?

I’m pretty sure some of you are already making use of WhatsApp business account as it makes your communication with customers easier by separating your normal account from business account. Atleast I’ve been able to attend to lots of query from my WhatsApp business account which is perfectly okay for me.

Lots of users have been asking how to get the verified business badge; is it possible to get the verified business badge? Or what can you do to get the verified business badge?

I scan through the WhatsApp Business FAQ and the only thing found there is WhatsApp business verification is currently limited to a small number of businesses participating in a pilot program.

However, a user have contacted WhatsApp directly asking the same question on how to get a verified business badge, and here is the reply he got from WhatsApp support;

Sorry for the delay! We have received many emails recently, and we do our best to answer them all. thank you for your patience.
whatsapp follows a process if a business can confirmed or verified. There is no action you need to take to be considered for either account type. We will automatically review your business information on an ongoing basis.
reply from whatsapp support
Image Credit: wabetainfo.com

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

From the reply above, you can see that you don’t need to do anything but whatsapp automatically check your business and dim it qualified for verification once they are done with internal checks.

Let us know your experience so far with the WhatsApp business app.

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  1. so does the green badge show that one's business is legit?

  2. Oga yomi, you haven't given us your whatsapp business account.

  3. It's cool. But this verification badge will take long if it's not done automatically. Millions of people are using it.

  4. I agree with R&B Music. It should be done automatically.

  5. Ok prof,this information is helpful

  6. Verifying businesses on whatsapp will help customers trust unknown businesses.

  7. This is cool. Although i haven't gone through the Whatsapp bussiness app

  8. not bad I guess, but the badge may not serve much if your reputation in business already precedes you

  9. I don't have the business app so no question

  10. Great for the business users which i'm not...

  11. For business minded people
    Not interested in the badge

  12. Ooh. I have not tried it. I have not set up any business yet

  13. I will take a look @ the business app today.


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