How to be Eligible for 9mobile 1GB for N200 Plan

Its weekend people and I know you are still rocking the hell out of 9mobile 1GB for N200 and 10GB for N2000.

The plan doesn’t zap and it is super fast in areas with 4G LTE. A lot of people have been asking time without number on how to be eligible for this offer, because some unfortunate 9mobile sim are not eligible for this plan.

The good news is, every 9mobile sim are eligible to go for 9mobile 1GB for N200 plan following the simple tricks below.

How to Make 9mobile sim eligible for 1GB for N200 Plan

Its that simple, subscribe to the plan during weekend between Friday and Sunday. That’s it

How to Subscribe to 9mobile 1GB for N200

Simply dial *929*10# to get activated… dial *228# for data balance.

9mobile 1GB for N200

Remember, validity for this plan is just 3 days; but you can re-subscribe again and again when your existing plan expires. In 30 days, you can get 10GB for N2000.

No Zapping, and it works on all devices. Are you currently using it?

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48 thoughts on “How to be Eligible for 9mobile 1GB for N200 Plan

  1. Prof please assuming currently I’m not eligible but I sub for it during the weekend and it works. If I exhaust the plan and try to resubscribe during the week will it go through? Thanks for the update, I needed this info, whew!

  2. Prof please confirm. Can it be auto renewed in such a way that it will keep rolling over. I’ll just recharge #1000 and Allow the thing to the auto renewing it’s self for 15days without worry.

  3. Good afternoon Prof. I was in your first whatsapp group for some years now, but I try upgrading my whatsapp app unfortunately it exit me from all the whatsapp groups I’m in. To that effect I sent you a mail to Pls add me back but for so long now I didn’t see it. Please add me back even if is not the first group. This is my whatsapp number 07036803690. Thanks Prof.

  4. Fantastic update prof. I know of many who want this sub but are not eligible. I just wish we could do the 10gb N2000 at once

  5. Its good but the fact is if u subscribe on sat and it expires during the week, you can’t activate it again until the weekend. I have tried it severally. Activation during the week is a dead end, if u like buy 20 gig during d weekend, no way during the week

  6. I’ve even eligible for long, that’s what I’ve been using for 2months + now. The good thing is the speed here is awesome, I only wish they could auto toll over

  7. Formerly I was eligible and play smart to get some bonuses after using it for two months , and everything crash, I wasn’t eligible anymore since then. I tried it after reading this post now and it went. I’ll tried it on Tuesday and see what happens .

  8. For us that is not legally eligible, its fast during the weekend but now during the week the speed is slow and we can’t re-sub during d week also.

  9. It doesn’t work during weekdays just weekends am so sad 😔 Pls add to ur WhatsApp 09072119291

    Can’t we get a free browsing cheat already it’s been too long

  10. Can’t re subscribe today Tuesday May 1st. I will try d new method suggested by YomiProf to load N400 and subscribe twice during weekend and then have the validity period extended

  11. Dear Yomi, I have tried to sub the 200 for 1g data some many times today friday, I still receive this message..

    Sorry, this data plan is not available to you for purchase, please dial *200# and press 3 for available data plans.

    Pls what cud be the issue.

  12. Hello Yomi! I tried subscribing around 1:16am Saturday 5/52018 but it keeps telling me ” Sorry, this data plan is not available to you for purchase, please dial *200# and press 3 for available data plans. “

  13. Hello Mr. Yomi
    I have tried to sub for the plan even today Saturday and this is the response i get.
    Sorry, this data plan is not available to you for purchase, please dial *200# and press 3 for available data plans.
    I was able to sub for it last week.
    What can i do next?

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