Cheap DSTV/GOTV Decoder Subscription – Pay For 3Months and Get 1 Month Free

I’m sure you have been enjoying cheap DStv/Gotv decoder subscription from the dealer earlier introduced; some of you tried him and discovered that within 10 min, your decoder got activated which is absolutely commendable.

I must confess, the deal is okay and there’s even more deal for you which I think you are going to love.

dstv/gotv decoder

For the benefits of those who are just reading this, you can get the following subscription packages at a cheaper rate;

DStv/Gotv Price Differences

Gotv Value N1250, charges 100=N1350, Our price N1000

Gotv Plus N1900, charges 100=N2000 our price N1600

Gotv Maxi N3800, charges 100=N3900 our price N3300

DStv Access N1900, charges 100=N2000 our price N1600

DStv Family N3800, charges 100=N3900 our price N3300

DStv Compaq N6300, charges 100=N6400 our price N5500

DStv Compaq plus 9,900, charges 100=N10,000 our price N9000

DStv Premium 14,700, charges 100=N14,800 our price N13500

PVR also available.

Get One Month Free if you Pay  for 3 Months DStv/GOtv Decoder Sub

The dealer is offering you one extra free month of subscription as bonus if you are paying for 3months subscription. Do the math and you’ll discover that you can’t get this offer elsewhere even directly from MultiChoice.

How Long Will This Offer Last?

This offer is available only for 3 days (26th – 28th of June 2018).

How Do I Begin?

Just send your IUC/ SMART CARD NUMBER and get activated after making Payment to

Name: Akomolafe Ademola C

Account: GTBank  0222540675

Contact Details:

WhatsApp: 08027483909

Call: 09027475767, 07037459161

Is he Trusted?

Yes, he is trusted and delivery is within 10 minutes.

Do not miss this opportunity. Those of you, who recently subscribe through him, kindly share your experiences below.


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26 thoughts on “Cheap DSTV/GOTV Decoder Subscription – Pay For 3Months and Get 1 Month Free

  1. Good one. Am using compaq wish I can pay for the three months to get free 1 month. But it’s not easy oo. Thanks for the information

  2. Helped a friend to subscribe yesterday and d guy delivered ASAP.
    Don’t wait until ur subscription expires!!!

  3. i just tried him now and it was awesome. No delays, no calls, once payment was confirmed in 2minutes i got activated.

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