KEYCARDLINK: The Best Platform to Exchange Your Amazon and iTunes Gift Cards For Naira in Nigeria is a platform for secure exchange of various gift cards such as iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, Steam Wallet, Google play cards etc for Cash (naira) or bitcoin.

Gift cards include; Amazon gift card, iTunes gift card, Steam wallet. Target gift card, Walmart gift card, Google play gift card of every country; USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, AND EUROPEAN COUNTRIES.

Why Should I Use Keycardlink?


KeyCardLink is a trusted exchanger that buy in great amounts at very good rates. Selling iTunes gift cards online and other gift cards to them is the best, rate-wise and delivery-wise, based on reviews.

They have honest dealings, as they believe honesty is the best policy. You get the best rates for iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards and others, in Nigeria. You might have to give them the benefit of doubt. Their response is timely as they are dedicated to their cause.


Have you ever asked questions like: “What site can I sell my iTunes gift card? How much is $100 iTunes card in naira? Where do I sell gift cards in Nigeria? How do I trade my amazon gift cards for naira and get paid in minutes?

How to sell iTunes card online in Nigeria? Site to sell iTunes card in Nigeria? How much is $100 Amazon card in Nigeria? How to redeem iTunes gift card to cash in Nigeria? How to sell iTunes card online in Nigeria?”

I present to you, KeyCardLink, the answer to your never-ending “how to sell gift cards” questions.

On KeyCardLink, you can safely trade iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, steam wallet, Google play, Wal-Mart and other gift cards at good rates and get paid in naira or bitcoins fast.

You can also sell RMB and Bitcoins and get paid in Naira. Ask around about their services and listen to the good tales others are telling about them


Delivery is timely and fast. Once they have successfully redeemed your cards, payment is sent instantly to your account.


Take the leap to try them today and you would be  definitely swept off your feet.

Website URL:

Call or whatsapp: +2349081724157

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  1. Prof i hope this write up means you are vowing for and not just advert for the site because your reputation is on the line. I have been deceived on a couple of occasions while trying to redeem gift cards.

  2. Morning Mr. Yomi please I want to buy Bitcoin, message me if there’s any seller available contact me: 08133146520

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