Debunk The News That MMMunited has Crashed

It is true that some Mavros were not growing since the 24th of December, it is true that those who PH have not been matched, it is true that those who GH from Dec upward were not matched also, hence they were waiting for the festive season to be over hoping they’ll be paired with people that will pay them.

The site has been under maintenance for a very long time, hence it has been unusually slow; before this when you attempt to log in, you’ll always get a message that your password has expired; and an attempt to change your password will become a prayer request.

I tried to visit there official site some hours ago only to discover that it has met its waterloo. It has vanished into tin air… It was as if they poured cold water on me under this harmmattan weather. Not until when I tried to login with this link below which now gave me assurance that they are upgrading their server as well as changing their host.

Login in with https://www.mmmunited.org will always tell you not found while login in with https://mmmunited.org will get you to the official site and from there you can login to your account.
Please debunk the news that MMMunited has crash… It has not crashed, still under maintenance. I know that it is not easy managing participants from 120 countries.  

Some of the user said they are migrating there services from Godaddy to another web host but we don’t know how true this is or how long this will last.

All I can tell you is that if your mavros are not growing, you’ve requested to Get Help but has not been matched or you’ve even Provided Help but hasn’t been paired, be calm. When they are through with their migration, everything will be fine.

MMMunited has not crash! Meanwhile, invest wisely in this 2017.

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  1. Thanks for the info Prof

  2. You are a good man please don't spoilt your reputation.

  3. Thanks prof for addressing dis issue I was suppose to cash out tomoro, will leave til weneva der r done wit d upgrade. Maybe some more xtra mavros fr d delay

  4. It stopped growin on d 19th not 24th

  5. Thanks for the info. That will cool some nerves that are about to reach 'volcanic eruption level'.

  6. Nobody send una go der but let's hope.hope is nigeria last name

  7. Wats d difference btw mmmnigeria.net and mmmunited.org? Is it still dsame mmm or totally different from each other

    1. S actually different but have we principle of donate n get bigger monthly percentage
      Mmmunited deals in Bitcoin n s 100% monthly return
      While mmmnigeria uses mostly naira buh also Bitcoin. N s 30% n 50% return respectively

  8. i wonder why we Nigerians won't learn... anything get rich quick...im not interested, because if its genuine you wont want to tell others, but all this ponzi scheme you will need to introduce peeps......crazy doe

  9. I need more enlightenment about this mmmunited

  10. Good info... Thanks a lot! I was supposed to get help since Dec 8th and since then am yet to be matched

  11. U ppl should pray hard. We know it won't last forever

  12. The Dog that will lost will never and can never hear the sound of the whistle.
    May God help una

  13. neva liked anythin called mmm lol.....no hate brodas


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