These Are The Confirmed Infinix Smartphones That Will be Getting Android 7.0

A lot of you have been waiting to know when and if your infinix device is going to receive Android 7.0 but we’ve got a firsthand information from Infinix the devices that will be receiving Android 7.0 Nougat between April – July 2017… Already  Note 3 and Zero 4 have already received beta upgrade some couples of weeks back and this is now official

Here are the lists of Infinix Devices that will be receiving Android 7.0 Nougat
Zero 4   From M to N :  End of April
Note3    From M to N :  End of April

Zero 4 Plus   
Beta 1:  25th Of May
Beta 2: 15th  Of June
GM : 15th Of July

Hot S
TBD updating soon

Hot4 pro
Beta 1:  30th Of April
Beta 2: 20th Of May
GM : 5th of June

Beta 1: 30th Of May
Beta 2:  20th Of June
GM : 20th of July
The updates are scheduled to rollout from April to July 2017. And you know there are lots of features you’ll really want to test run on Android 7 Nougat.

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  1. Prof any idea for Gionee phones??

    1. no news on that from Gionee for now

    2. Gionee are Andi working to provide Nougat updates to their phone.There is now beta updates for Gionee A6s

  2. Zero4plus, why better one, better two and GM? Why not straight to GM when at least they have it available... Meanwhile what is the meaning of GM?

  3. Very Good . Samsung just remembered us note 5 users just got their own.

  4. Thank God my Hot 4 pro is on the list.


  5. Wow! I come thought say na all this Infinix Smartphone they come receive Nougat 7.0 but thing different here.

  6. It is cool. I can't wait to upgrade my Note 3 pro to nougat.

  7. This is cool, infinix is really stepping up it game, unlike tecno that takes forever to give update.

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