Warning! Hostility Done to Xiaomi Mi 6 Burn, Scratch & Bend Test

If you are that kind of individual who can’t stand such wickedness done to smartphones, I think you don’t need to watch this video.

Last month Xiaomi announced the Mi 6 and the top of the line device has been successful in China. The question is, can you trust Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone with keys in your pocket? Will it survive the scratch test? How durable is this device?

The last bend test review of Xiaomi Mi 5 shows that it isn’t strong enough hence it got broken. But this, you’ll love to watch the bend, scratch and burn test  of Xiaomi Mi 6 below.

What do you think?

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  1. Sorry to say, I think this is pure wickedness, and a share waste of time.
    These things are made with burnable and bendable materials, so what do they expect? Mtscheeew!

    1. Lol. Good point.


  2. This is incredible. Am still waiting for when our chinko tecno and infinix will pass this test.

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  4. Prof. I also need help to unlock my GLO bolt e303. Thanks


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