Glo Declared Friday August 11, as FREE DATA DAY on Glo Network

I bet not all network can try this because they know the aftermath of the effect will be woeful. But Glo seems to have their customers at heart and subscribers are already testifying to the increase speed in network though not in all locations.

But Glo in their finite mercy has declared Friday, 11th August, 2017 as the first FREE DATA DAY on the Glo network.

subscribers who use 100MB plus N150 on voice calls OR N250 on voice calls between Friday, 4th to Thursday 10th August from any or a combination of methods such as Pay as you use, purchase of data plan and usage from existing data plan will enjoy a FULL DAY of FREE browsing, chatting, streaming, downloading, uploading and lots more on the 11th of August.

You don’t need to do anything to qualify for Glo Free Data Day… Just spend N250 or more on calls in the preceding 7 days to a free data day. Fair usage policy will be applicable.

11th of August is the D’ Day. If you network is always switching from 3G to 2G, use this guide here to stabilize it.
What’s your say?

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  1. Let me not bad mouth them and just say well done.

  2. What is the cheapest Glo call tariff rate? How can I migrate to it?

  3. we the betaglo users on PC always enjoy fast unlimited downloads without disconnections every blessed day. GLO FOR PC USERS

  4. Nice from Glo ?
    The Data i bought i cant make us of it because of snail speed , not to talk of FREE DATA DAY, can someone please tell me the animal that is more slower than snail ?
    I guess the Answer will be BABA GLO

  5. nice one from glo, hope it will be usable for all.

  6. They tried sha. In otherwise they are telling their customers to come back

  7. On dat day Glo network speed will be slow as 1G dat u can easily smash your phone to the wall by anger or lack of patience.

  8. Glo network is bad in my area

  9. This is interesting. It is unfortunate I came to it late. Nice one by Glo.


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